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The Godless symbol.png This user doesn't follow any of the Gods and doesn't want them on Gielinor either!
Constitution This user's highest skill is Constitution, with a level of 73.
Dungeoneering This user's lowest skill is Dungeoneering, with a level of 16.
Agility This user wishes they had an Agility level of 99.
Runecrafting This user's favourite skill is Runecrafting.
Runecrafting This user trains Runecrafting when bored.
Book of knowledge.png This user doesn't care about pure skilling or PKing, and plays RuneScape without limits.
Dungeoneering.png This user believes that the Dungeoneering "skill" is a glorified minigame.
Diamond amulet.png This user is in all F2P guilds!
Aberrant Spectre Champion's scroll.png This user is in the Champions' Guild.
Chef's hat.png This user is in the Cooks' Guild.
Chef's hat.png This user is in the Cooks' Guild.
Brown apron.png This user is in the Crafting Guild.
Rune pickaxe.png This user is in the Mining Guild.
Holy symbol.png This user is in the Monastery.
Harpoon.png This user is in the Fishing Guild.
Dragon battleaxe.png This user is in the Heroes' Guild.
Mystic robe top (blue).png This user is in the Wizards' Guild.
Yew shortbow.png This user is in the Ranging Guild.
Omni-talisman.png This user is in the Runecrafting Guild.
Dragon defender.png This user is in the Warriors' Guild.
Toy baby dragon.png This user is in the Thieves' Guild.
Master thief's armband.png This user is a member of the Black Arm Gang.
Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as Absalon_Cnch.
P2P icon.png This user is a {{{1}}} member.
169 This user has been playing RuneScape since 169.
level+ All of this user's free skills are level+.
level+ All of this user's skills are level+.
CombatSwords.png This user has multiple RuneScape accounts.
$$$ This user has quest points quest points and would have a trade limit of trade limit coins, before the return of Free Trade.
$$$ This user's F2P trade limit had reached the maximum of 10,000 coins with 43 quest points before the return of Free Trade.
Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of combat level.
Wooden shield.png This user hates noobs, and goes into a skill total world to escape them.
Training shield.png This user is a newb and is proud of it.
Wooden shield.png This user is somewhat noobish.
Gilded throne icon.png This user has a player-owned house with details here.
UTCoffset This user's time zone is UTCoffset.
Pyrefiend icon.png This user is a Grammar Fiend.
Memorial plaque.png This user will bless (or repair) every Gravestone that needs it.
Coins 10000.png
This user finds the argument between "coins" and "GP" tiring.
Coins 10000.png
This user doesn't really care how people refer to coins.
Coins 10000.png
This user doesn't care if it's called "coins" or "GP", they
just want a lot of it!
Safe zone icon.png This user doesn't PK.
Beggars This user hates beggars.
Vandals This user hates Vandals, and is always on the lookout for Vandalism.
Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.
A Black skirt, the sign of Jagex-neutral players. This user is neutral towards Jagex.
Shrug emote icon.png This user is neutral on the Wilderness and Free Trade Vote.
Private chat button.png This user has private chat set to friends.
Assist icon.png This user is willing to assist other players in the game.
User lends for free friends This user will lend items to friends without charging, and expects the same in return from friends when borrowing.
Pet cat (white) chathead.png This user loves cats.
FunOrb This user does not like FunOrb, and resents being told about updates to it on the RuneScape website.
Chocolate bar.png This user loves chocolate.
This user is an achiever.
Rune pickaxe.png
This user uses a Rune pickaxe.
We hate people who spam cannons. This user hates players that spam cannons at the expense of others.
Pirate stamp.gif This user will talk like a pirate in 19 September 2021 UTC.
Revenant imp.png
This user hates Revenants, no matter what kind they are!
Category sword.png This user's battlecry is "Bonsai!!!"
Burnt meat.png This user hates burning food, and wishes it wouldn't do so.
Zanik This user loves Zanik of the Dorgeshuun, member of the Godless.
Challenge scroll This user has completed 1 Champion's Challenge.
Lumbridge Teleport icon.png This RuneScape player respawns in Lumbridge.
W00T This user loves the Yanille wall, as penguins are trapped there often.
Juna chathead.png This user visits Tears of Guthix weekly.

Up.svgUp.svgUp.svgThis userbox thinks it's way better than the others, that's why it's up here.
Raspberry emote icon.png
This user is better than you.
Light creature.gif
This user likes to fly with
Light creatures.
Air Guitar emote icon.png This user is male.
Black mushroom ink.png This user's favourite colour is black, the colour of mystery.

Wiki.png This user spends more time on the RuneScape Wiki than on RuneScape itself.
😠 This User has ANGER ISSUES!!!
😴 This user occasionally suffers from laziness attacks, and may take a while to respond to comments.
32px-Google_Chrome_icon_%28September_2014%29.svg.png This user browses with Google Chrome.

Zaros chathead.png

This userbox is wicked !!!