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Crafting Help, Hints, And Tips[edit | edit source]

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Note To F2P (Free-to-play) Players[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, when it comes to Crafting, including Quests, Skills, and Items you can use to aid you in Crafting is quite limited. Most of the Quests, Skills, and Items listed below are only available to P2P (Pay-to-play) Members. I'll label anything both available and beneficial to (Free-to-play) Players with "(F2P)" afterwards.

Reaching Crafting Level 58[edit | edit source]

Crafting Battlestaves[edit | edit source]

Crafting Battlestaves is a good way to make money, along with gaining both Crafting and Magic Experience, and reminds me much of Runecrafting using the Abyss, including the recommended Quests, Skills, Items, and Unpowered orb running.

Please Read![edit | edit source]

Also, please read through these different web pages on Crafting Battlestaves:

Recommendations[edit | edit source]

First, here's what you may want, but definitely not "must-have". However, if you can complete all of the recommended Quests, and acquire all of the recommended Skill levels and Items, you will find Crafting Battlestaves much easier and quicker:

Recommended Quests, Miniquests, And Achievement Diaries[edit | edit source]

Recommended Skills[edit | edit source]

NOT including all of the Skill Levels to do the above Quests:

Recommended Items[edit | edit source]

Achievement Diary Items[edit | edit source]

Armour And Protective Items[edit | edit source]

Cures And Healing[edit | edit source]

Weight-reducing equipment (up to -13.5 kg)[edit | edit source]

Temporary Skill Boosts[edit | edit source]

Recommended House And House-Related Items[edit | edit source]

You may also purchase House teleport tablets at the Grand Exchange! But if you're interested in building your own POH (Player-owned house), take a look at my Player-owned house plans and other Players' Player-owned house plans.

Steps Crafting Battlestaves From Start To Finish[edit | edit source]

If you've read through the above web pages, you'll notice that there's several steps involved with Crafting Battlestaves. For each step you skip and instead buy the materials needed at the Grand Exchange, the faster Crafting Experience you'll gain, but earn less money:

  1. Gather or buy Seaweed
  2. Cooking the Seaweed on a Range or Fire to make Soda ash, or buy the Soda ash
  3. Gather or buy several empty Buckets
  4. Gather Buckets of sand at Sandpits, or buy them
  5. Use the Soda ashes and Bucket of sands on a Furnace to make Molten glass, or buy the Molten glass
  6. Use a Glassblowing pipe on the Molten glass to make Unpowered orbs, or buy them
  7. Gather or buy Pure essence
  8. Runecrafting the Pure essence into Cosmic runes, or buy them (you'll need three Cosmic runes for each Unpowered orb you have)
  9. Cast Charge Earth Orb at the Earth Obelisk (requires Magic Level 60), or cast Charge Air Orb at the Air Obelisk (requires Magic Level 66), on the Unpowered orbs to make Earth orbs or Air orbs (respectively), or buy them
  10. Buy Battlestaffs (unfortunately, you cannot make them)
  11. Crafting the Battlestaffs into Earth battlestaffs using Earth orbs, or into Air battlestaffs using Air orbs, in lots of 14 each
  12. Runecrafting Pure essence into Nature runes, or buy them
  13. Cast High Level Alchemy spell on the Earth battlestaffs or Air battlestaffs

Crafting Experience Versus Making Money Crafting[edit | edit source]

Until you reach both Crafting and Magic Levels 66 each, you may want to focus more on obtaining Crafting Experience more so than making money from Crafting. Buying raw materials instead of gathering them is a much faster way of earning Crafting Experience, if money permits. If money is a problem, perhaps you should read my Runecrafting And Rune Running Guide, and focus on Nature running through the Abyss (if P2P (Pay-to-play) Member), or Air running (if F2P (Free-to-play) Player), and using the Assist System to Runecraft. You can even do this if your Runecrafting is only Level 1! There's also so many different Money making guides using other Skills and Items you may already have! Here's some ways of obtaining raw materials faster:

Refer to the Battlestaves Calculator for determining cost versus time and Experience. Keep Crafting Earth battlestaffs until you reach Crafting Level 66, and then Crafting only Air battlestaffs after that.
Please also refer to: Money making guide/Crafting

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