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Drgn Knite

This page has been made by runescape user Drgn Knite1. He finds your problems and tries to answer it in this page. All this page will be dedicated to you and you only.You are what makes me tick. Staff of Guthix, the balanced God

Hi, im Drgn Knite1 you'v probably seen me in runescpe known as Drgn Knite1.I would love to meet you so if you want add me to your friends. If you tell me any problams i could help you out. Search Drgn knite in runescape wikia. I am not pure(people who are only good at one thing), in my opinion its better to be good at alot of things e.g. if someone is good at strength with low defence i have a high defence to block his shots and a high strength to kill him. People who are pure usually have a weakness.

The best player I know is Runerko7.Runerko7 Can you prove me wrong.

One of my best friends user is Rune rko3.(Brother of Runerko7 the badder one)[[File:Torag the Corrupted's equipment set equipped.png|Rune Rko3]]

Tip of the month: Remember to charge your lunar armour!A charged Luner helm

                                                    Yours Truly,
                                                       Drgn Knite Lunar helm.png 

--Drgn Knite1 22:27, 9 May 2008 (UTC)