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Flying High[edit | edit source]

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When you talk to the Gnome Pilot, he will tell you you that all the Gnome gliders are having trouble arriving successfully arriving at their destinations without crashing when they leave from the Grand Tree. Gliders are having no trouble getting in, however. He tells you you should travel to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and find out more from King Narnode Shareen. When you talk to King Narnode, however, he tells you to get more information from the Grand Tree Protector Daero.

Modifying the Glider[edit | edit source]

You must talk to Daero. To get him to speak to you, you must give him a Fruit Blast. Once you have given him the drink, ask him to take you down to the Gnome Glider hangar, where you need to modify a Gnome Glider to be able to carry you! To modify it, you need to use the planks on any one of the Gliders lying there, but that will become the Glider you HAVE to modify. You will extend the tail and give yourself more room. Talk to the Gnome Glider engineer and he will say that there is not enough area to fly! go back to your Glider and use the leather on it to finish the Glider. There will now be a long cutscene showing a team of Gnomes lifting the Glider up to the launch pad, and then you will hop into it.

Flying the Glider[edit | edit source]

You now have to fly your Glider! It is just like walking, except you cannot change the angle of the view and can only move left or right. Soon cannon balls will start fly towards you. You need to dodge the cannonballs without getting hit. If you are hit, you just restart flying your Glider. Once you dodge five cannonballs, one will hit you automatically and you will crash into a dungeon..

Talking to the Dryad[edit | edit source]

When you are in the dungeon you will find small walking trees called Dryads (level 52) patrolling your cell. DO NOT TRY TO ATTACK THEM! If you attack them they will consider you a threat and hit you for ALL your hitpoints, send you back to your respawn point and you will need to do the flying again! Wait for a while and then a Yew Dryad will walk into the room, starting a short cutscene in which he explains that they are taking revenge on the Gnomes for the recent torture of the Grand Tree. When you try to explain the you have brought Glough to justice, he will say "Shhhh! I do not want to listen to your lies! But, since you are obviously not a Gnome, I will let you go.

Reporting the Situation[edit | edit source]

The screen will go black, and then you will appear beside one of the rocks where the Moss Giants are, East of the Gnome Stronghold. When you try walking that way, vines will spring out of the ground and moves you back a space. Look a short way East and you will see your crashed Glider. Now put the prayer 'Ultimate Strength' on, right-click the Glider and choose the 'Push Glider' option. You will see a short cutscene in which you drag your Glider up the hill, take off and fly back to the Grand Tree. Now talk to King Narnode Shareen. He will ask what happened, and the screen will black out, and come back in with you saying "And that's what happened". The King Narnode will suggest that you destroy the Dryad Cannons, and should ask Brimstail for help.

Sabotaging the Cannons[edit | edit source]

Go and talk to Brimstail in his house South-West of the Grand Tree and select the 'I need your help' option when you talk to him. You tell him what you need and he asks for 3 fire runes, 1 cosmic rune and an empty vial to make an Explosive Liquid(3). Give him the items and you will receive the Liquid. Walk to the Moss Giants West of the Gnome Stronghold and use your pickaxe on the rock you came out of the Dryads' Dungeon from. It will open up to reveal a room in the Dryads' Dungeon containing their cannons. Walk in and use the Explosive Liquid on each of the three cannons.

Explaining to the Dryads[edit | edit source]

The Yew Dryad will come along and ask you what you did. There will now be a long cutscene during which you give a summary of the things that Glough did to the Grand Tree during the quest The Grand Tree. They seem satisfied with your explanation and the Yew Dryad gives you a Willow Wand and tells you to give it to King Narnode Shareen as a gesture of friendship between Dryads and Gnomes.


Reward[edit | edit source]

Music[edit | edit source]

Music tracks unlocked:

  • Soaring
  • Underground Breeze

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Tree Realm being underground is based on the fairytale Alice in Wonderland.

Malicious Mages[edit | edit source]

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When talking to the Yew Dryad to start the quest he will be ranting on angrily about destroying the Zamorak wizards. When you can select an option for talking to him, select the 'Keep listening' option and he will notice you soon. Otherwise he will say "Don't bother me!" and keep ignoring you. Once you have talked to him and started the quest, walk over to the South-East Passage and talk to one of the Dryad Guards and ask 'What happened to the passage over there?'

Clearing the passage[edit | edit source]

To clear the passage, wield your pickaxe and click on the magic wall. Your character will try to mine the wall, but the pickaxe head will fly off! Collect the head but do not put it back together. Talk to one of the Dryad Guards and they will say 'I think you might need a Dwarf to fix that'.

Upgrading the Pickaxe[edit | edit source]

Go to either of the Dwarves guarding the passage that goes under White Wolf Mountain and talk to them. Ask if he can upgrade your pickaxe. He will say yes, but only if you get him a gold bar. User the gold bar on him and he will say 'OK, now I will upgrade your pickaxe for you. But it will no longer be useful for mining ordinary rock, for gold is too soft'. He will give you back a golden-tipped pickaxe. You can now use this to get through th magic wall.

Going through the Magic Wall[edit | edit source]

Now go back to the Tree Realm. Go down, but use the bank down there to prepare for fighting the Zamorak wizards. When you are ready, use your pickaxe on the Magic Wall. You will pass through it and you will make the comment 'That was like it wasn't even there!' If you look back, you won't find and Wall there! Walk north up the passage, ignoring all the side passages, because they are loop tracks with Hellhounds (level 101) in them.

Fighting the Zamorak wizards[edit | edit source]

After walking down the passage, you will see a round dead end. Before walking into it, however, turn on protect from magic! When you walk into it, a short Cutscene will play, showing the Zamorak wizards teleporting into the room and using Fire Bolt on you. If you try to attack the one on the east first, it will say, 'this wizard seems to be protected by some kind of magic'. Attack the wizard on the west side of the room. Once you have killed the wizard on the west side, you can attack the one on the east.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

To finish the quest go and talk to the Yew Dryad. He will say 'Good job. We are in your debt once again.'


Rewards[edit | edit source]

Music[edit | edit source]

Music tracks unlocked:

  • Veil of Darkness
  • Death and Fire