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Drakwood was a Knight in the Asgarnian Marine Corps and later the apprentice of Hickton. Was the Archery Helper in the Circus for a two years.

History[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Drakwood was born on November 20th[1], 146 to Cheyenne and Skywood Shielin. She became best friends with Hiccup57, named so because he often got the hiccups and his record was 57 in a minute. Hiccup57 was six months older, and they got along well together[2].

After nine years living in the small town of Catherby, when Drakwood was seven, Cheyenne and Skywood decided they wanted a lifestyle block in Taverly[3]. So, in the year 153, Drakwood moved to Taverly, leaving Hiccup57 behind. But, since Cheyenne had helped out the Dwarves under White Wolf Mountain by getting them a trophy[4], they had regular trips to see him in Catherby.

When she was thirteen years old, Drakwood got a job delivering Summoning items for Pikkupstix. He didn't pay too well, but at least he paid. When Drakwood got to the age of sixteen, Pikkupstix decided to give her some tutoring in Summoning. She never really got the hang of it, as it involved patience, something she had never been good at.

She found out that he quite liked Herblore[5], though, and helped Kaqemeex with his various potions. He always needed help getting the ingredients, and Drakwood found it quite fun.

In the year 164 When Drakwood 18, she decided to look for work in Falador and got a job as a doctor for the Asgarnian Marine Corps, and specialized in making beneficial potions[6]. When the Karumja-Asgarnia War ended in 167, Drakwood found out that several of the Marines she had become friends with, including Genius Wood, her best friend in Falador, had been killed in the war, she enlisted for the Asgarnian Marine Corps in honor of them.

Service[edit | edit source]

Drakwood joined up as a Page in the Asgarnian Marine Corps[7], and was put in the platoon of a White Knight called Kiwitroops. Drakwood and Kiwitroops became friends quite quickly, and helped each other out a lot. When on guard duty, Drakwood got to know the rest of her platoon. There was; Da Avenger10, Coolman7739, Frankmike1, Kil5Man, Yur7Tahu and, lo and behold, Hiccup57[8]! They both told each other about what they had done in the twenty-one years they hadn't seen each other, and how they got into the Corps.

Battle of Asgarnia[edit | edit source]

For the duration of the Battle of Asgarnia[9] Drakwood's company was put in the "T Company", which meant she had the dual pleasure of defending Cheyenne and Skywood as well as helping the Corps. But, when the Judoon and the J'kllmshp attacked each other, Kiwitroops led her company and citizens of Taverly into the Taverly Dungeon, where they formed defensive positions around the Cauldron of Thunder, to wait out the battle. While the battle was going on, just South of Burthope, Kiwitroops realized that Kaqemeex and the other Druids from the Altar of Guthix were not there! So, he sent Drakwood, Da Avenger10 and Frankmike1 on a recovery misson to get them. When they got out, they ran past the destroyed Witch's House and found Kaqemeex and his Druids being held captive by a small group of J'kllmshp! Da Avenger10 took out two guards with her bow, and then Drakwood and Frankmike1 finished off the remaining three guards. They then all ran back to the Cauldron of Thunder where they waited out the rest of the battle.

After the battle was over, Drakwood's company stayed in Taverly to help rebuild the destroyed houses. After three days, Kiwitroops marched them back to Falador, where Da Avenger10, Frankmike1 and Drakwood got promoted to Knights for rescuing the Druids. Kiwitroops also got promoted to Knight Captain for leading everyone to safety.

Retirement[edit | edit source]

Drakwood then decided that she didn't want to see any more death, so retired a few months after the Battle of Asgarnia. She then realized that she didn't have a house, or even enough money to build one! She then went back home to Taverly, only to find that her parents had moved back to Catherby! So, she crossed White Wolf Mountain to go and live with her parents, where she trained her fletching[10] under Hickton, a master fletcher. During that time, Drakwood made enough money to buy a house in her home town of Taverly, when she lived for a year until she decided to join the Circus.

Circus[edit | edit source]

When Drakwood tried out to join the Circus, she was the only person who applied that passed required skill levels in two of the three events, and so was asked to join. She accepted of course, and started travelling around with the Circus. She did this for two years until the Circus was attacked and robbed. It had virually no money left, so had to dismiss Drakwood because they couldn't afford to pay her salary.

Adventuring[edit | edit source]

In the year 171 Drakwood decided to travel Asgarnia with some of her friends from her military days. Hiccup57, Yur7Tahu and Drakwood started travelling together, and had a very competitive relationship with each other. For example, if they found someone who needed a quest done, they they would race to see who could complete it first. But if they were attacked they would count the monsters they killed themselves and see who got the highest kill count.Drakwood soon stopped travelling and settled down in the Fisher Realm to be a Prayer Warrior after helping Sir Percival become King of the Fisher Realm[11]. She helped in the Scorpion Crisis to defend the Fisher Realm from Poison Scorpions.

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Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Drakwood is the username and character of the author of this article in RuneScape.
  • Many of the things done in this article are based on what Drakwood has really done in RuneScape.