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Hi, I'm dragonlord7. I have been playing runescape for roughly 2 years and I just wanted to tell you about some of my accomplishments and goals. First off I just need to brag about some things: I gladly have had the opportunuty to own a Dark Bow, Archer's ring, Seercull and many other cool things suchas Dragon arrows and red d'hide armour. Now if you are a ranger those are great buys. I have also owned (and own) many cool melee things such as gold-trimmed rune and black armour and also rune trimmed armor. As of getting the coins to buy these things all I can say is choose a method and work hard at it.


level 99 ranged

64% complete

level 99 hitpoints

61% complete

level 99 defence

56% complete

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This user plays RuneScape
as dragonlord7.
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2008 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2008.

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This user hates it when people refer to coins as "GP".

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Ranged This user trains ranged when bored.

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Archer ring.
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Fancy boots.

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