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Hi Guys my Runescape userneame is Furyofcolli this page might look realy dull but im going to edit to make it look the best it can be![edit | edit source]

Here is just some info about me![edit | edit source]

My best ever drop is a Torstal Seed from a Cockroach soldier wroth 270k![edit | edit source]

I am currently working on my Slayer i realy like the skill its very unique as you dont know what your next task is gonna be! [edit | edit source]

Click here to see my up to date scores as sometimes i am a bit slow editing.

Total level: 1356
Attack 76 Constitution 74 Mining 52
Strength 74 Herbelore 41 Smithing 51
Defence 72 Agility 42 Fishing 59
Range 56 Thieving 45 Cooking 64
Prayer 51 Crafting 49 Firemaking 60
Magic 67 Fletching 61 Woodcutting 83
Runecrafting 32 Slayer 63 Farming 31
Construction 40 Hunter 29 Summoning 37
Dungeneering 47
Combat level 96 Quest Points 86 Songs unlocked 403
As of 27 November 2010 (Skills);