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Why I Hate Noobs.[edit | edit source]

Note: If you have a pure, and you DON'T fit the description written below, I am sorry. I never meant this page to describe You or your friends personally. It is Just My Opinion

"give me ur account or i report u!"- Emily214, my favorite noob quote.

You may have noticed around Runescape that there are many people using the word 'noob'. I do not call people noobs unless they fit into at least three of the categories listed below, (with the exceptions of jokes with friends). Being a noob is not about your player's combat level, or how much you know about the game.

First of all, I don't mind helping newbie players, this only becomes a problem when it is taken to an excessive degree. Such as having to spend 30 minutes or more to deal with an easily solved problem.

Not only are you wasting my time but you are wasting yours as well.

Second, Begging, this falls into it's own special category of noob, you simply don't follow someone around and harass them into giving you something, it's dumb and people will hate you for it.

Also, the "Can i haf ur stuf" thing never works. Nobody is going to clean out their bank account and give it to you, even if they could (except another noob).

"Wow nice lvl... can i have somthin" The worst thing a noob can possibly say to a high leveled player. What is wrong with you? Do you think high levels are just there to give handouts? Noob...

Third, Noobs that call high levels noobs, this doesn't make any sense, but I'm just putting it here because its a stupid noob thing and its really annoying.

Fourth, "Wow kool lvl... i bet ur a nerd who plays 24hours a day" This one in particular irritates me, not just the fact that my high level friends are on more than a little while each day, its the fact the the noob who says it just keeps stating the comment over and over. Stupid...

Fifth, Stalking, not only is it creepy, but its annoying. Very annoying.

Sixth, Lame report threats, I actually find this one funny: A noob walks up to you and politely asks for something, when you tell them "no, sorry", they become angry and begin demanding what they want, and threatening to report you for an unspecified reason.

Good job noob... Not only did I get a laugh out of that, but you just got yourself banned for sending false reports.

Seventh, Pures. Many pures I have met are poeple who have characters that seem to be on steroids. They seem to always be ready to look up your stats and then brag about how much better they are compared to you, and in PVP areas the're always eager to pile jump someone and say the famous "i pwned u" remark.

Who cares? It's always good to have nice stats but when you go on thinking you're the master of the whole game and everyone in it, it gets a little out of hand... Take a minute to relax and just enjoy the game and the people who come with it, and quit bragging about how "u pwn".

Finally, The whole "my main pwns j00" or "my friend can kill u" thing does not impress me... you actually went out of your way to say that? wow. I still think your a noob...

When I see, or think about these things, I cant help but wonder what is going on in that distorted little mind of yours.