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'ello. I'm Iridium, or Luke Triton. I support Guthix, and my favorite skills include Magic and Woodcutting. I spend a fair amount of time playing minigames- four in particular, those four being The Great Orb Project, Barbarian Assault (In which, I am commonly a Healer), Trouble Brewing, and Stealing Creation. I'll occasionally play others, though. I'm an avid quester, and have done more quests than many who share my level. The only quest I have not is Nomad's Requiem, but I am also yet to fully complete Fur 'n' Seek. My favorite quest so far has been Dream Mentor, but I also enjoyed the entire Goblin series.

I have also slain both the Jogre Champion and the Banshee Champion.

Luke Triton
Total level: 1727
Attack 77Constitution 1Mining 66
Strength 75Agility 72Smithing 69
Defence 71Herblore 65Fishing 72
Ranged 77Thieving 66Cooking 99
Prayer 70Crafting 67Firemaking 84
Magic 80Fletching 77Woodcutting 85
Runecrafting 60Slayer 65Farming 66
Construction 60Hunter 65Summoning 61
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 102Quests 296
Music 628Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 18 February 2010
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