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My name is Daniel Duignan, but I go by the name Danny Duignan. I was born in Oak Park, Illinois and lived in Chicago since I was two years old, (and still live here).

Danny's Data

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft, 7 in

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Birthday: December 23. 1987

Chinese Zodiac Animal (The year of birth): Chinese Year of the Rabbit

My Accounts

My picture keeps getting deleted by the moderators for no reason, so just click this link below to see my accounts;

The Hero Accounts

DannyDuignan (Last known as "Dan_Duignan"); Lev 70

WinnieWang (Last known as "Win_Waang"); Lev 71

The Secret Agent Account

Box__Ghost (like from Danny Phantom); Lev 55

The Villain Account

The_DMFCSAB (Google that please); Lev 12

DannyDuignan reached lev 55 in 3 weeks, and WinnieWang reached lev 71 in 31 days.

Dormant accounts;

Rotiart_Eht (spell that backwards); Lev 30

Hjfhyjetgrwi (just random keys hit in one second); Lev 23

My Best Allies

Fatfadums (He goes to my school. He's that one that told me Runscape excist).






Chili Dog20


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