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Mick, if you cannot differentiate between "you are" and "your", you give us no reason to believe that your argument is rigorous. Also note that we are not here to whine about a dysfunctional application, unlike some other people. The posts that we have made are here to inform the rest of facebook about this spam.

To Amir: There are three problems with your post: 1. All 5 of the websites that were displayed were identical ( You never changed anything. You merely removed the repetition. 2. The application claims that a new domain name that was not created previously will be generated each week. Explain why the current domain is 3 years old. 3. There is no solid proof of what you deleted. You might have deleted "politically incorrect" information and claimed that spam was removed. Also, it was a selective deletion, not complete reset. People who read the wall here constantly will know what I am talking about.