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This is a very powerful monster, known to follow Amascut and Zamorak, but mainly Amascut. This monster is a Warrior/Archer hybrid, causing it to be strong against all classes. It can deal poison damage, but only if it is found on a members world. It is known to randomly attack other monsters, but very rarely found to attack players unprovoked. The monster's level is usually underestimated by players, and so many fall victim by it's fist/blade/very sharp and pointy arrow. It is found to be passive at times, and it can be found attacking trees. It can be found generally on worlds 12, 49, 144 and 107. World 12 is recommended when hunting for this monster, as world 12 is its home world for members, but 49 for non-members.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Bring a couple of antipoisons if hunting for him on a member world, and also bring several Manta rays(Members) or Swordfish (If non-member hunting). Crush seems to work best for melee, but if you can spare the runes, ALWAYS bring runes for you best spell. He is spotted to use melee most of the time, so keeping your distance is vital. Try to carry light gear, then provoke him into attacking you, and then try to tire him out before re-initializing combat. Ancient Magicks seem to work well, especially freezing spells. Turn to melee when Doomed Soot decides to range, for obvious combat triangle reasons. He will switch to melee, so tire him out and attack again. Occasionally, Doomed Soot will be holding runes, so he can attack from all three side of the combat triangle. Stay focused, and don't let him distact you. He is much easier to defeat when he is in a Multi-combat zone, so try to lure him into one. If you are oblitiorating him as a team, make sure to have a balanced one. Remember to tire him, and the battle won't be too hard. After a lot of that madness, Doomed Soot will die and then you will enjoy the victory after you see the Angel of Death. Also be ready to ambush him when he comes back for his gravestone.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Drops[edit | edit source]

100%[edit | edit source]

  • Bones

Weapons and Armor[edit | edit source]

Runes[edit | edit source]

  • All runessome (m) (So rare it's not funny)

Other[edit | edit source]

  • All possible PvP drops (If found on a PvP world)
  • Coins in 1, 25, 100, 1 000, 1 000 000 (VERY Rare) drops

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite Doomed Soot being a follower of Zamorak, he has been spotted wearing Guthix armor.
  • Using a M90A CAWS Shotgun with Doomed Soot causes him to say: "What? Why do I need a Halo 3 Shotgun when I have: 1. An Experimental MIRV (See The Vault wikia, which is the Fallout one), 2. A Xuanlong Assault Rifle (again, look up the Fallout wikia), 3. a WAV M6 GGN/R Spartan Laser Cannon (See Halopedia, the Halo wikia), and 4. A Dragunov SVD?! Seriously...
  • Using a CD player with "Halo 2 Soundtrack" or a disc with "Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away" in it will result in the following conversation:

Doomed Soot (DS): Hey! Blow Me Away is my favorite song! Give it here!

(You are struck for 50 damage. However, should you have less than 51 hp left, it will deal [Hp+1-Hp] [Hp being your hitpoints remaining])

DS: Thanks!

You: Hey! It was mine! I paid 50,000 coins for that!

DS: But you used it on me. Its mine now!

You: Look, I'm willing to attack you, you know.

DS: I bet you your CD player that you can't hit a one on me!

(You attack DS, dealing one damage. DS reluctantly hands over the CD player)

You: Thanks, matey!

DS: Amascut! (Your player name) just hit me!=()

(There is no "Click here to continue on the above", waiting 5 seconds will advance the conversation)

DS: But she likes me! She told me herself!

  • Doing the above piece of trivia while in Sumona's house or Doomed Soot's house (Both in Pollnivneach) will result in The conversation to go normally, but after the =(), this conversation appears:

Sumona: How dare you attack Doomed Soot!

DS: YAY! Support from my Mistress!

(Your soul is 'eaten'. You respawn next to the well with full hitpoints, with all your items intact [including animals].)

You: What's this on my chest? (A 'Note from Sumona and Doomed Soot' appears in your inventory. Upon reading it, it shows: "If you somehow come back to life (which all adventurers have), then I would like you to know, STAY AWAY FROM MY DOOMED SOOT! You pesky adventurers make him extremely sad, and angry. I could, and would, kill you, but I'm giving you a second chance. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" However, you can repeat what you just did without consequences.)

  • Attacking Doomed Soot with a Desert Eagle pistol will result in the following conversation:

Doomed Soot: Hey! Knock it off!

You: Why should I?

(You shoot Doomed Soot in the head. Please note that no ammunition is wasted)

DS: I'll shoot you if you keep on doing that!

You: Choice one: Shoot him again. Choice two: Don't shoot him a gain.

(If choice one was picked)

(You knock off DS's helmet, causing 5 damage)

(DS takes out his WAV M6 GGN/R and wastes you. Damage dealt is equal to one less than your remaining hp)

(If choice two was picked)

DS: Thanks. I was about to SPLAZER you with my WAV...

You: Ok, ok, no need to get technichal!