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SCARAB SMASH!!!!!!!![edit | edit source]

This is a minigame, where you have 40 Marines which revive/heal after every scarab, you have 15 Hornets, 5 Pelicans, 2 Tanks, 5 Gauss Warthogs, and 20 Spartans. You play with 16 other players or in a Private friends rooms, and you play survival against infinite hoards of Scarabs. Your screen becomes that of Halo 3, you are given briefings, Rocket Launchers, and Assault Rifles.

Basic Fighting[edit | edit source]

The scarab is a Beast that everyone will attack, and the scarab can incinerate people with it's PLASMA-LASER cannon. It is everyones job to bring it down on it's knees, and the Experts and Spartans jobs to destroy the scarab.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A short minigame, exit by committing suicide. Anyway, you can buy any Halo weapon, and it's respective ammunition. You can buy spartan armor as well as ODST, normal marine, and Sarge. Points are given for:

  • Destroying the Scarab (That means helping shoot the core) Destroyers - 5, Non-destroyers 1
  • Making the Scarab kneel - 1 point
  • Killing an Ally - -1 point
  • Killing a spartan - -5 points
  • Killing a Grunt - 0.25 points
  • Killing a Brute - 1 point
  • Killing a Hunter 4 points
  • Killing a Hunter pair, SOLO - 15 points!
  • Finishing a round - 49 points!

That's basically SCARAB SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!