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Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Fight Doomed Soot again after talking to him. That simple. However, you may only use the Dragon Scimitar provided (It will be handed back to Doomed Soot afterward). You may not wear any armor or anything. Just the scimitar. Doomed Soot will have Full 3rd age armor, so be careful. He will only attack with his fists.

Reward[edit | edit source]

This is according to Doomed Soot, the only one who has finished it.

3rd age Melee armor set.

1k "Nuka Chinchompas" (1,000 times more effective than Carnivorous Chinchompas)

Ability to capture Nuka Chinchompas (100 hunter required, hunted with Nuka Cola as bait, found at the Nuka Cola factory.

If you had level 100 convincing, you could have convinced Doomed Soot to give you the Dragon Scimitar, resulting in that as a reward.