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Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After talking to King Roald, you will see a portal spawn in the middle of the Varrock square. Master Chief will explain that you must go through the portal and Annihilate the Covenant in order for them to return to the year 2552. Master Chief explains that Earth has been under Covenant control since 10 minutes before they entered RuneScape. Master Chief hands you a Rocket Launcher and gives you permission to enter the portal. When you're ready, enter while wielding the Rocket Launcher. Master Chief tells you that the base you are in is the only remaining memory of Humans on Earth. Right after that, a cutscene plays, showing a Scarab . Master Chief gets in a Pelican and fires away with it's turret. You are left on the ground, but a level 1939 Scarab isn't hard. There are several Marines spamming it with Rockets, Lasers, and Fire. The Scarab is, however scripted to attack you. It is probably possible to dodge every attack the scarab launches at you, and leave the Marines to do the work, but it is recommended to attack it. You have infinite rockets, anyway. You have to be careful, as the Scarab can deal damage up to 98 very commonly. After 3 minutes of this madness, the scarab will go down, but not fully. Master Chief will jump off his Pelican, and he will destroy the Scarab from inside. During that time, however, to must give the Master Chief covering fire, or he will die and then you have to survive another 5 minutes of that madness (Master Chief takes 2 minutes to respawn). After the fight, a cutscene showing ten Brutes appears. The brutes challenge you to a one on one fight. It is not difficult, though, as your Rocket Launcher can deal 153 damage easily, and 153 is the brutes' max life. Three brute chieftans will challenge you, three on one. This battle is the difficult one. Always avoid the Red-and-Black helmeted one, as that one can kill you in one hit. Rocket launchers have a max hit of 200 on brutes, but brutes have at least 550 life, and can easily dodge rockets. Aim to kill the R-a-B helmeted one, as he will eventually make you back into a wall leaving you without an exit and then death (You die a normal death, but you appear in the medical room, and you need to start the brute challenge all over again (not the Scarab though). After the R-a-B helmet has died, it is as easy as killing a chicken now. Then 42 grunts will appear, all wielding Plasma Rifle. They also challenge you. 42 v 1. They hit up to 20 a second, and they shoot very accurately. They are, however, packed close together. It is possible to kill up to 38 grunts in a rocket. After at least 30 of thier number have been killed, they run around and scream. They are much harder to hit, but they won't attack. After this battle, you will see a funny cutscene showing the Covenant leave Earth. Quest end!

Reward[edit | edit source]

A Rocket Launcher

1k Rockets (No longer infinite)

Access to the Halo realm for training.

Ability to smith rockets (1 Runite bar for 2 rockets)

Access to the Halo shop, including all Halo guns and ammunition for them.

Ability to play Scarab Smash with up to 16 friends.