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rare items[edit | edit source]

[[File:Santa_suit_icon.PNG| alt text ]]this user has one or more pieces of the santa suit.
alt text this user has one or more peices of the warlock/witch set.

skills[edit | edit source]

64 woodcutting 52 firemaking 56 hitpoints 61 attack 52 strength 53 cooking 56 defence 53 hunter 50 mining 53 fishing 52 magic 49 thieving 49 range 45 crafting 46 agility 35 prayer 42 fletching 34 slayer 28 herblore 28 farming 28summoning 28 construction 27 runecrafting combat level 73.

other[edit | edit source]

alt textthis user loves cats.
alt textthis user has 6,258 coins.
this user plays runescape as doodbridy.
alt textthis user follows saradomin.
this user is a male.
noobthis user is a noob protector.
alt textthis user loves shoting star.
this user cuts down tree when bored.
this user plans to get level 99 woodcutting before any other skill.
this user can enter the guilds

  • cooking
  • champion
  • range
  • prayer
  • crafting