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My Runescape name is Donovan689 AKA"MCPOC"(Command Master Chief Petty Officer)

My whole perpose of playing runescape is to help other players in need, introduce my clans, offer protection, or any of the sort.

But of right now im a non-member as I had to cancel my membership, but I still can help as much as i can

I have many contacting possibilities one is my account is right above this message, and second is the following clans I have:

-Merchants Guild- The Merchants Guild is a guild were you sell an annual quotta you receive, also you get a tax where you pay the tax collector every week, then at the end of the month your money goes to your retirement money when you leave the guild of legal causes

-Creed- This clan is very discreet so i cannot tell any thing about it

Other info about me

  • Have been member for a total of 5 years
  • I am regulated to follow the rules, conduct, etc

I will start my money loans once i become a member again

Here is a photo of my clan logo

Donovan689 04:10, March 6, 2010 (UTC)