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Contents 1 The Runescape Mafia 1.1 Origins 1.2 The Six Families 1.3 The Don Italy Crime Family 1.3.1 History of the Founder 1.3.2 The War, According to the Runescape War Monitor 1.4 The Kandarinian Host 1.5 The Advent Angels 1.6 The Executive Operations(Ex-Ops) 1.7 The Halen Syndicate 1.8 The Family 1.9 The Yin-Yang Crime Family

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The Runescape Mafia Origins The Runescape Mafia is an underground operation which consists of families; they are similiar to clans, but are structured like organized crime. The origins of these families are unknown, though we can provide an up-to-date report on all the families and their leaders.

The Six Families The Don Italy Crime Family The Kandarinian Host The Advent Angels The Executive Operations(formerly Organization Z) The Halen Syndicate The Family The Yin-Yang Crime Family The Don Italy Crime Family The Don Italy Crime Family was founded by Don Italy in either late 2006 or early 2007. He began to build his family by recruiting lower level players all over Runescape. (This proved to be useful, since many of the players were adept trainers.) Among the first to join the family were Blimpy34, Don Vito466, and an unknown Norwegian player. The structure was like an American crime organization at first, and later revised to resemble a Sicilian mafia group.

History of the Founder The first leader of this famous mafia family was it's founder, Don Italy. The history of the alleged crime boss began when he met Don Yin----Yang, a mafioso introduced to him by soldato Naomasali. Don Italy and Yin----Yang argued with each other, throwing threats and insults, until they finally reached an agreement. Don Italy advised Don Yin to kill Naomasali, since he revealed his membership so easily, and with that advice came a promotion. Don Italy was to be a boss like his mentor, Don Yin. This was the beginning of Don Italy's legacy.

Don Italy joined the alliance known as the Runescape Republic sometime during early 2007, hoping to build friendship with other clans. He was very active and helped lessen impersonation of players. The Republic went to war with a clan called the Runescape Lessers/Greaters, and shortly before the battles began, the current Consul, 3highemperor, decided to leave the alliance. He left his position to Don Italy, who accepted it. Don Italy successfully arranged the deaths of the enemy leaders, but was led into assassination by the turncoat Usha3000, who was ordered to do so by Zam747, leader of Runescape Lightning. 3highemperor signed a peace treaty with the Runescape Lessers in hope of getting over the war, but Don Italy had the enemy leader killed once again, breaking the treaty. 3highemperor and Blandino123,(former Republic member, now with the Lessers), had a conversation which convinced 3highemperor to reclaim his position as Consul and demote Don Italy. Don Italy did not take well to this. He dropped out of the alliance, started the Runescape Rebellion, and declared war on the Runescape Republic.

The War, According to the Runescape War Monitor "This war was born from the strife and internal issues caused by WW1, except that this war cannot and must not be settled with another peace treaty...for it was the peace treaty of WW1 that caused the RS Republic to Split. Don Italy, the former consul of the RS Republic left the alliance in order to create his own alliance known as the RS Rebellion, aimed at combatting the RS Republic as an act of vengeance and personal motivation.

Here is what Don Italy had to say:

I am Don Italy. I was in the Runescape Republic for a long time. The Runescape Republic is an alliance of more than 10 clans, and it is run like a government in ancient Rome. There were originally 2 Consuls, or Kings. 3highemperor and Dracula2035. Then after we had a few battles, 3highemperor got bored and left. He made me his replacement, and I tried to slaughter all of our enemies. I suceeded, but then 3highemperor returned. For a short time we ruled as 3 Consuls, but then 3highemperor claimed full authority in his position as Consul, making me no longer a Consul. I did not have any problem with that. However, then I found that he had negotiated a peace between us and the Rs Lessers, our enemy. I would not be used like a puppet on strings held by the Consuls, so I took leave of the Rs Republic. Barker204 and his clan had joined shortly before, and we are allies. He pulled his clan out too, and we decided to create our own Alliance. In short, we are rebels. We are the Runescape Rebellion.

--Don Italy

This is how the war started, because of the seperation of the RS Republic. Ever since the peace agreement with the RS Republic, the RS Lessers have been helping out the Republic by bringing information of Don Italy's plots to the RS Republic's intelligience center. Because Don Italy was the enemy of the RS Lessers in WW1, they have sworn to help the new RS Republic defeat the RS Rebellion. Soon After many of the RS Republic clans chose their sides...

3HIGHEMPERPOR i hav also joined don's rebellion and i do not agree with your peace agreement with the rs lessers im with don all the way and i will return to the republic when the agreement has been brokenthe rs lessers are our SWORN enemy and i dont think its rite for YOU AND ONLY YOU makes the decision to make an alliance!!

-Runite Dragons Leader when do we go to war with that trou de cul don italy!? 3high, we need to finish him off once and for all! brotheren of the republic, JOIN ME AND WE WILL DESTROY DON ITALY!!!!!!! maybe then this f-en war will be over!

-Runescape Lightning Clan I to am joining this war along with my clan. Get ready Runescape Rebellion cause you bithches are going down!!! Go Runescape Republic!!! Fuck you Runescape Rebellion Ez guy

-Warrior Rerisen I stick with my side only. Runescape Republic let us slaughter our foes!!!

-Nightmares of Dread I am founding a new alliance, the RuneScape Confederation. I am leaving the Republic, but I would like to remain allies.

-Cougar Clan (Joined the RS Confederation) And Probably the most motivational speeches...

I believe that this peace treaty has only brought on more problems to the republic. It looks like the enemies of the republic are still trying to sabotage us by making us war with one other internally, which is a good war tactic "First split them apart". I personally believe that we have tried peace before war and have come to the conclusion that the peace treay is a total failure and we should now act against our aggression in full force. I am asking for all of the clans who wish to retain the dignity and proudness of the rsrepublic to mobilize in this time of great strife.

All who wish to save the Republic! You and your clans may fight for your own cause, as for me and my clan, we will fight for the republic!!

So your either with us or against us!!!

-Holy Adept, Fuhror of the Shadow Wolf Organization

Brother, our great republic is suffering internal strife. Like Holy Adept said, they are making internal attacks on us and we are beggining to crumble. Let us show our full force amongst the ranks 3high. You have my sword.

Fur Ehre!



Soon after the Rebellion started falling apart, and 3highemperor starting paying off members of the Rebellion in order to gain information on Don Italy's Plans. Soon after Don Italy lost control of his alliance and abandoned them without any warning. Don Italy still having a grudge agaisnt the Republic still held intents on one day destroying the Republic.

A War Vote was called and many in the Republic voted No against the War and wanted it to end, and it seemed as if though the war would be over...Then came along a new enemy. The Leader of the Cougar Clan and the RS Confederation decided to stand up against 3highemperor calling for impeachment and making accusations that 3highemperor was just a dictatior and that he did not allow the Republic to be run like a democracy. His name was LegoLas359, the man who was once part of the Republic, he pitted his alliance against the Republic but did not join Don Italy's side either.

This act of defiance gave Don Italy more confidence and he decided to rebuild his alliance which came back more powerful than ever. Although LegoLas has returned to the Republic, Don Italy's alliance continues to grow...

  • The War Ended on 10/1/07 Last for 2 months, and ended in the defeat of the Republic. Yet there were rumors of a 3rd War, but it never came for the Republic was annihlated on 11/03/07.

Here are some more words and Info that are just a natural part of all wars-

First off, I am not IN the rebellion, I AM the rebellion. Second, I wouldn't be surprised you haven't seen, your so short sighted you can see a barn 2 ft. in front of you. Third, I know they are lies, I CAME UP WITH THEM!!! Why do you think Don rebelled in the first place? I have been playing you ppl like a horn. And the best part is, there isn't a thing you can do about it. muahahahhahahahaha - Info by Richard Shru, Leader of the Midnight Rebellion

We Also have accounts of these actions taking place: 1) Barker makes deal with 3highemperor, 3highemperor pays 50k to buy back the Runite Dragons to the Republic 2) 3highemperor and Rise007 killed Don Italy in the wilderness 3) Dragonkiller97 was executed by the Rebellion in the wilderness. -Info by Don Italy

I allied myself with the Infested Dragons Clan.

I executed Rko0330 for betraying me in WW2.

Tidus has dissappeared and we have not heard from him for a long time. Shru has also dissappeared without word and we have not heard from him. I have allied with Joseph Burunov. Omega Zero73 is missing. I don't know what happened to him. Joseph Burun said that he sent him a virus and Omega Zero posted that he can't log in to Rs. Since their IP addresses are the same, I believe that they are the same person. 3highemperor and Dracula have shown once and for all that they are the supreme rulers of the Republic and hold absolute power over all other members. This will be challenged on the day after Thanksgiving, the war date Legion and I settled on. As the tyranny reaches it's height, we proud members of the Rebel alliance will stand tall for our beliefs. We will fight until the tyranny ends and 3highemperor is forever put out of his position.-Info By Don Italy

The allies were not pleased. Don Italy faked his death and went into hiding. He gathered a small army. When he returned, Don Vito466 had abandoned the crime family without warning. Don Italy stepped up and retook his position as Don. He led the family in a direction to a final confrontation with the Republic. He had his moderator friend Speedro5 attack Shayneman329, but he escaped. Legion was nominated and elected as a 3rd Consul by Holy Adept and Shayneman, but 3highemperor returned and, for want of power and control, cast Legion out by revealing a secret part of the Constitution of the Republic. Legion decided to exact vengeance on the Republic for himself and the Rebellion. He destroyed the forums, which, in turn, brought the Republic crashing down. The Demon Kings rose, the Republic fell, and the Rebellion formed peace with the Demon Kings. It would be an age of peace....."

Don Italy did fake his death in order to buy time to gather his forces, but when returned, the Republic was commanded by new men. 3highemperor and Dracula2035 were replaced by Shayneman329, Holy Adept, and D3ath M00n. 3highemperor said that it was unconstitutional to have 3 Consuls, and demoted D3ath M00n. D3ath M00n was angered to the point that he did the unthinkable: He gained entry into the Republic's forums and destroyed them, causing the Republic to collapse. The old Republic was replaced by the Demon Kings, an alliance not led by 3highemperor, but by his brother, Rougebeast33.

Don Italy formed his own alliance called the Runescape Democracy. Members of the Democracy included Holy Adept, Lord Xzantor, Omega Zero96, and Don Vincent4(aka Riku0831). The Democracy allied themselves with the Demon Kings, and peace was set between the two alliances. However, this peace was broken when Don Italy killed Richard Shru, a member of the Demon Kings alliance. Lord Xzantor was angered so that he hacked the Demon Kings' forums, and almost caused another war. Don Italy signed a peace treaty with the Demon Kings, however, and peace was restored. Later on, Omega Zero96 revealed plans to an enemy that Don Italy was intent on killing. Don Italy and Don Vincent4 saw this a break of the law of silence, the omerta. They took Omega Zero96 into the wilderness and killed him together, making him ask for a rematch. Don Italy accepted, and killed Omega Zero96 by himself. Then he accidentally hit Don Vincent4; Don Vincent4 was so outraged because Don Italy had quote, "..killed all my friends..", that he tried to kill Don Italy. It was pure luck that Lord Xzantor was at the wilderness ditch, and he gave Don Italy food, making him ready for Vincent. Don Italy and Don Vincent fought in the wilderness, and Don Italy emerged victorious, dispelling the rumors of his cowardice.

Weeks later, the problem of war still haunted the Democracy. Don Italy now faced the wrath of his former soldato, Herc128, his two former associates, Omega Zero96 and Riku0831(Don Vincent4), and the two allies whom hated him, 3highemperor and Richard Shru. Don Italy saw only one way out: To give his life for the Democracy. He had Lord Xzantor go with him into the wilderness, and explained to him why he was tired: "We can't Pk anymore, free trade is gone, and in January you can't give people stuff for free anymore. The age of crime is over.." Lord Xzantor and Don Italy went into the Bounty Hunter arena for a final confrontation. Don Italy said, "You know what you have to do, right? Goodbye Xzantor." Lord Xzantor followed his orders solemnly, killing Don Italy. Don Italy later returned after several weeks of secret training. Lord Xzantor was angered because he was not told of the plans, so he betrayed Don Italy, joining with his enemies.

Holy Adept also betrayed Don Italy by rebuilding the URR, the Runescape Republic. Don Italy had left the crime family to Maj Maniac by this time for good, and started planning how to get his revenge on those who had betrayed him. He fought Lord Xzantor in the Duel Arena and lost. He then fought and killed Omega Zero96, whom he later reconciled with. He fought and killed Holy Adept in the Duel Arena. He trained hard, getting ready for his revenge on Lord Xzantor. When he was in the middle of this training, an alliance was formed with him and Dracula2035 as the leaders. Lord Xzantor, Dracula, Don Italy, Maj Maniac, Omega Zero, and Rko0330 were all in the alliance, which came to be known as the Ressurrected. The alliance was doing well, but Don Italy still yearned for the day when he would face Lord Xzantor again. He trained harder thatn ever and eventually faced Lord Xzantor. Xzantor was unarmed, but Don Italy showed him no mercy. He killed Lord Xzantor, and retired from the Ressurrected, leaving his position as Consul to Maj Maniac.

Don Italy dissappeared from the Democracy and his crime family, secretly watching the events unfold before his eyes. The URR was completely reformed, Dracula2035 was given the position as Consul, and it was like the days of old. All that he had done in the Great Rebellion now meant nothing. He was very dissappointed that his old friend Patderek had joined the Republic, but he could not change anything now. He could only hope for an opportunity.

Opportunity knocked on Don Italy's door when the Crimson Fists were challenged to war by Patderek. Don Italy left the following message on the Crimson Fist's guestbook:

Don Italy: If we let the URR trample and destroy our former friends, then what does that say for the rebels? That we did all that for nothing? That makes us look like a bunch of idiots...a failed plan to ruin the 'greatest alliance ever'. They want us to like them, to become members of their alliance. And then that means we lose. That means we gave up. That's like saying, "The hell with it, you win." Well I'm not going to do that. I rebelled a long time ago and for a damn good reason, because when an alliance stops listening to it's members, it's not a very good alliance. We must once again become rebels, and fight like rebels, and gather all of our forces under a single banner. To win this war will mean that hope has not been lost. That we still hold on. That we can still stand firmly against the alliance which we all express sheer bitterness torwards. So rebels, stand tall! Show the Republic that we can win! Show them that we are the true men! They are but cowards, who hide behind their words..but I have always been a man of action! There will be a battle. There will be a war. There will be a redemption. A redemption that has been avoided far too long. I ask you men, stand beside me and we will defeat the forces of the URR!

The Crimson Fists leaders accepted Don Italy as long as he would bring men to the war. Don Italy eventually persuaded Maj Maniac to come to the battleground with him, and the battle was fought. The Crimson Fists won the war after two battles, and the Republic lost, miserably. Don Italy still wanted to fight Holy Adept, the man who had betrayed him the most. The two fought bravely, and at first, it looked as if Don Italy would win, but then the tide turned, and Holy Adept struck him down with one last sweeping blow. The days of the Don were over. Maj Maniac became the new Don of Italy, and held tightly to his position. He made some changes to the family that Don Italy did not particularly like, but there was nothing he could do about it anymore; his time was over.

After the defeat by Holy Adept, Don Italy retired from Runescape for a while. He returned a few weeks later, after apologizing to Lord Xzantor for killing him when he was unarmed. Lord Xzantor invited the Don to a party in Falador, but this good fellowship was a ploy; he planned to have the aging Don hit by attacking his weaknesses. Lord Xzantor introduced Don Italy to a girl in his clan named Pinkheart100. Don Italy soon came to like the girl. She mentioned on the clan chat that she was getting killed by someone at the Clan Wars, so Don Italy rushed to help her. When he arrived, he joined the clan chat and got ready for war. But it was a setup. There was a very high level waiting for them, and he killed Don Italy. As soon as the fight was over, Lord Xzantor sent messages saying, "Hahahaha..I still have not forgiven you!" Don Italy knew he had been set up, and the hitman confirmed this. Don Italy contacted Peters23, his loyal hitman, and told him to track Xzantor. The hitman obeyed, but Don Italy wanted revenge. He put all his romantic interests aside and killed Pinkheart100 the night Xzantor had him killed. The next day, he contacted Misfired12 and they worked out a plan. Misfired12 brought three of his clan members and Don Italy brought 1 of his friends and they formed a team. They met Lord Xzantor and his friend Jackking13. In the first battle, Don Italy ran from Lord Xzantor to stall him, because he was expecting Misfired to come in at the last minute; however, Misfired became lost after taking a wrong turn in the Wilderness, and Don Italy hid next to a lava pit. All the men were killed. Although they vanquished Lord Xzantor in the process, Don Italy fell to Jackking. Don Italy challenged Lord Xzantor again, and the second battle began. This time, Misfired12 was there, ready to fight. Don Italy and Misfired rushed Lord Xzantor and attacked the already weakened leader. Together they killed him. Afterwards, the entire team rushed on Jackking and killed him. Misfired then spoke his famous words, "This is a message to all of our enemies!" Don Italy then talked privately with Lord Xzantor, and Lord Xzantor then exited the premises. Don Italy then recieved a private message from Lord Xzantor that read: "I am dead.." After that, Xzantor logged out, beaten by the combined forces of two mafiosos.

Shortly after all of this was over, Don Italy was contacted by Servant Lucy, who said she was working for Lord Xzantor. Along with her she brought Adrian Falco, a knija in her service. Don Italy then met Fer Callu, a former member of the knijas who said he had information regarding Falco. Callu told Don Italy that Adrian Falco had secret meetings with Lord Xzantor at a bar in the Northwest Wilderness. Don Italy contacted Misfired12, Maj Maniac, and Patderek to ask for their help in the war. About two days later, Maj Maniac left the Don Italy Crime Family when he formed his own clan, the Delta Force Elite. He contacted Don Italy and asked him to retake position as family leader. Don Italy reluctantly accepted. After telling the members he could find that he was back, he began to meet with the remaining members of the family. He met with Fer Callu and dueled him for fun. He won three times out of three, and no longer considered Callu a threat. He went undercover and found out that Fer Callu was in the Resistance against him, formed by Lord Xzantor. The following day, he met with Misfired12 and Magna Kevin. They gave out contracts: Magna Kevin was to kill Adrian Falco, Don was to take out Callu, and Misfired was to take out Lucy herself, since he had developed a friendship with her. When Don Italy made a deal with the Rs Elites in order to gain their help, they accepted. Don Italy, Patderek, Misfired12, Feelingless8(Don's Soldier of Soldiers at the time), Leia Solo234 and Abedackid all met in Draynor. They then moved to Port Sarim, where Misfired12 left. The remaining people formed a plan to kill Lucy, whom Misfired had refused to kill. Don Italy knew that there had to be some ties with her still, and refused to reveal the plans to Misfired. Patderek attempted to spy on Misfired. Don Italy talked to Abedackid and told him to pretend he was in the Resistance and find out all he could about Misfired. He did so. In the process, Misfired12 told Abedackid that he was going to reveal the assassination plans to Servant Lucy in order to "keep the peace". Don Italy took this as betrayal. He talked to Patderek and Feelingless and formed a plan. Don Italy told Misfired to meet him in Clan Wars after getting Feelingless to come there. Feelingless and Don waited for Misfired as Patderek and the rest of the men hid in the wilderness. Abedackid had told Misfired, under Don's orders, that Patderek was part of the Resistance. Don Italy then told Misfired to challenge Patderek in Clan Wars. Don said that once they were inside the arena, he would switch sides and help Misfired. He, Feelingless, Patderek, and his men walked to the barricade. When it fell in, Don Italy was attacked. He ran back and stood in the woods behind Feelingless8. Then they all attacked Misfired. They killed him, then Magna Kevin and Suzuki Moto1. After killing Misfired, Don Italy and Feelingless faced Xzantor, two against one. Don Italy met Xzantor, who was unarmed, and gave the signal, "My regards." As soon as he said those words, Feelingless shot a fireball and attacked Lord Xzantor. The two mafiosi took him down together and left, ignoring Magna Kevin as he screamed revenge. Feelingless was then promoted to Death Collector. Don Italy and Patderek argued, and Patderek eventually agreed with Don. Don then promoted Feelingless8 to Underboss, Sotto Capo. The old Don was beginning to reclaim what was his. The next targets were Fer Callu, Adrian Falco, and Servant Lucy. Don would need the assistance of the Rs Elites again to defeat Lucy, but he would take on Callu alone.

Don Italy still lives in Misthalin; roaming from Lumbridge to Falador, from Al Kharid to Port Sarim, working when he can, leading the family, and trying to find meaning for himself. When he was retired, he was remembered, as Maj Maniac has said, " of my very best friends.." and "an excellent leader.." His legacy shall endure for many generations, along with the legacy of those who bravely fought beside him.

In conclusion, let us remember what Don Italy once said, "Look, if you got people backing you, levels don't mean a thing." "Never forget, mi raccomando."

Below is a personal message from Don Italy:

"I had my time in Runescape. I ruled a good, loyal crime family for a long time, and I had my good times, and my bad. In all, if I could do something over, I would have put up more of a fight against Holy Adept's URR. I would have not faced him in that fight after the war with the Crimson Fists, but I would have worked harder and fought him later. But I can't change the past. In reality, we were the ones who fought for what was right. The Republic people that I rebelled from were all bark and no bite. The thing is, when you have power, you gotta use it to benefit the people you control. If you don't do the right thing with you power, you're in trouble. I messed up because I let my anger get the best of me. I should have done some things differently, some things I should never have done. When I look it all over, would I do it again? I probably would. But if I could do it all over, I would have never joined the URR, because that's where the trouble started. If you can keep all vendetta withing your own clan, and not worry about being allied with other clans, your life is a lot better. I hope whoever reads this gets my message. Thank you."

The Kandarinian Host The Kandarinian Host was founded by Hellzone220. Not much is known about the Host member-wise, but we can conclude that

They were part of a scheme called 'The Wilderness Project' They worshipped Zamorak Hellzone220 was an agent for the Runescape Republic

Hellzone220 was an ally to the Runescape Rebellion in WW2, but he turned on them, joining 3highemperor. He later reconciled with Don Italy and talked with him about the times of old, comforting the aging crime boss. He even acted as a confession priest, allowing the Don to escape some of his guilt.

The Advent Angels The Advent Angels were founded by Omega Zero96 sometime in mid 2007. He later passed on his position as boss to his good friend Riku0831. They are currently in operation with the Ex-Ops and the Don Italy Crime Family.

The Executive Operations(Ex-Ops) The Ex-Ops were founded by Omega Zero96 in late 2007. They are a replacement for the fallen Organization Z. Not much is known about this clan, only reports that they have members with levels surpassing 100. The leader is Misfired12 and he is currently allied with Blackhand National, led by Don Italy. Together, they defeated Lord Xzantor.

Leader: Omega Zero96 aka Misfired12 Members: Riku0831, Magnakevin

The Halen Syndicate Not much is known about the Halen Syndicate, only that it was founded sometime in 2006. The boss of this mafia group is Halen2006.

The Family Not much is know about the Family, but it is said to be a secret organization without a website. One of it's members, Reacon626, allied himself with Don Italy, only to break this alliance when called on by Omega Zero96 to defeat him. Reacon626 is known to be an associate of the Order of Cabbage, and the Family is so secret that many suspect is does not even exist.

The Yin-Yang Crime Family The Yin Yang Crime Family is one of the oldest crime families in Runescape. Not much is known about this family, but among the facts concerning the Yin-Yang family are

The first leader was Yin Yang There was a member named Naomasali, the same person whom Don Italy requested a hit contract to be put out on. The leader has not been seen in Runescape since early 2007.