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Runescape 99 woodcutting party[edit | edit source]

My 99 Woodcutting party will be held at Falador party room on 31st February 2010 at

12:00 31st Feb GMT

06:00 31st Feb CST

07:00 31st Feb EST

04:00 31st Feb PST

01:00 1st Mar NZDT

02:00 31st Feb HST


Epic Blackout of The Future:

(this is a joke)

Dear Jagex,

A server blackout has occured and your not aware of it ill tell you about it

Start Time: 13:56UTC 23rd October 2023

End Time: ??:??UTC 1st January 2025

What happened 34 minutes before was a loud bang was heard and these flying saucers over varrock multiple bangs were heard