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Task Amount Assigned By Best Drops Slayer XP Start Slayer XP End Increased Levels Other Important Stuff
Crocodiles 51 --- Absolutely nothing @[email protected] --- --- N/A I. HATE. CROCODILES.
Scorpions 35 Turael Nothing much. A few charms. 36,634 37,479 Slayer-icon.png40 Originally Bronze Dragons, but changed. Originally assigned by Chaeldar but reassigned by Turael.
Harpie Bug Swarm 140 Chaeldar 37,479 40,979 N/A I have a new hatred for Harpie Bug Swarms @[email protected]
Cave Crawlers 139 Chaeldar
  • Charms
  • Unihorn Dust
40,979 44,037 Slayer-icon.png41 Poisonous AND crappy drops -.- How fun.
Basilisk 129 Chaeldar === 44,037 === === Wow really -.-
  • anything with --- is an assignment i got before doing this, and i may not remember.
  • anything with === is an upcoming update.