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Meh, just made this account. Will add to it when i get more Sandbox

E7MvWlG.png This user is crazy about userboxes (see below). If you can be bothered to go all the way down the page, then well done!

Brassica Prime symbol.png This user follows Brassica Prime
because cabbages are better when they bounce.

Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as Dlom.

P2P icon.png This user was a member.

Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of 56.

Training shield.png This user is a newb and is proud of it.

Coins 10000.png
This user finds the argument between "coins" and "GP" tiring.

Beggars This user hates beggars.

Macroers This user hates macroers and hunts them for fun.

Vandals This user hates Vandals, and is always on the lookout for Vandalism.

Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.

Pet rock.png This user has a pet rock
and is proud of it.

This user is an explorer.

Rune pickaxe.png
This user uses a Rune pickaxe.

Mg stealingcreation.jpg This user's favourite minigame is Stealing Creation.

This user hates the concept of Sailing and wishes people would just shut up about it.

Revenant imp.png
This user hates Revenants, no matter what kind they are!

Category sword.png This user's battlecry is "..."

Rune platebody.png This user owns full Rune armour.

32px-Google_Chrome_icon_%28September_2014%29.svg.png This user browses with Google Chrome.

Woodcutting This user's highest skill is Woodcutting, with a level of 59.

Summoning This user's lowest skill is Summoning, with a level of 4.

Agility This user wishes they had an Agility level of 99.
Hunter This user wishes they had a Hunter level of 99.
Thieving This user wishes they had a Thieving level of 99.

Zombie head.png This user has a zombie head.

Woolly hat.png This user has one or more woolly hats.

Woolly scarf.png This user has one or more woolly scarves.

Blue marionette.png This user has a marionette.

Easter ring.png This user has an Easter ring.
Skeleton mask.png This user has one or more pieces of a skeleton costume.

Jack lantern mask.png This user has a jack lantern mask.

Grim reaper hood.png This user has a grim reaper hood.

Snow globe.png This user has a snow globe.

Witch cloak.png This user has one or more pieces of a witch/warlock set.

Santa costume top (male).png This user has one or more pieces of a santa suit.

Ice amulet.png This user has an ice amulet.

Easter carrot.png This user has an easter carrot.

Eek.png This user has a new friend named Eek.

Web cloak.png This user has a web cloak.

Magnifying glass.png This user has been sleuthing about with a magnifying glass.

Candy cane.png This user has been flipping a candy cane.

Christmas ghost hood.png This user has one or more pieces of a Christmas ghost costume.

Statistics.png This user is a skiller

Boots of lightness.png
This user owns the
Boots of Lightness.

Blue partyhat.png This user has a partyhat... in his dreams.
Coins detail.png This user is RICH.
he has 2 gp!
CombatSwords.png This player's Noobing level is 99.
This user can't spell Gudix Guffix Guthicks.

Dragon dagger (p++).png Dlom234 Hunter-icon.png