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RuneScape Name: Divino Tenze
Combat level: 90
Highest level: 99 (Woodcutting)

Skill: Level: Goal:
Attack 70 75
Strength 65 70
Defence 70 70
Ranged 70 70
Prayer 61 65
Magic 74 99
Runecrafting 53 70
Construction 48 50
Dungeoneering 41 50
Constitution 70 99
Agility 46 99
Herblore 40 60
Thieving 53 55
Crafting 47 50
Fletching 55 55
Slayer 51 55
Hunter 59 60
Mining 64 70
Smithing 57 70
Fishing 79 99
Cooking 62 80
Firemaking 76 99
Woodcutting 99 99
Summoning 36 50




Total level: 1483
Total Exp: 24,094,657.
Goal 99's Firemaking, Fishing, Agility, Constitution and Magic.

About me (In real life):[edit | edit source]

Well..My name is Nicholas and I'm 13 years old, I live in Australia.
Likes: Chocolate, Facebook, Tokyo <3 and Spain and of course...Mike Posner :D!

Dislikes: Stuck up people and Clowns.

About me (In RuneScape):[edit | edit source]

My name in RuneScape is Divino Tenze (Divine in Italian and Skills (shortened) in Spainsh, my two background countries)
Firstly I was known as Nscully1997, then Dvine Skills, then GrandpaNiick, then I changed to C is4cookie, then back to Dvine Skills and now I am known as Divino Tenze.
Likes: Magic, Firemaking, Fishing, Agility and Constitution, Armadyl (He is the RuneScape God I follow).

Dislikes: Bob..., PVP and Fletching.

Favourite RuneScape items: Ringmaster hat, Dungeoneering True Skill Mastery Cape, Firemaking Achievment Cape, Runecrafting Achievment Cape and my POH.

Most Hated RuneScape items: The whole Lederhosen, Mime, Zombie and all the other costumes from that old lady in Varrock Clothes shop, I also hate Dragon Claws, only because they have killed me too many times, I also hate Cannon's.

That's about it :o BYYEE.