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About Me
Hello, Im Divine Sabre. I currently play RuneScape as SabreDivine. Ive been playing RuneScape 2001, on and off. I quit in 2004 and after a long hiatus I came back in June 2009. I made a new account, as my at the time maxed account had been hijacked. On 9 February 2010 I saw my old account roaming the roads of Falador; I wanted to cry. Ive seen alot in RuneScape, from the massive Pay to PK riot, to witnessing Moss Giants come out. I can be found on World 114 on RuneScape. Although I believe getting a 99 skill is an accomplishment, I do not have any. I play RS for fun; getting a 99 skill is boring. I would like to say kudos to Stelercus for persuading me to make a RuneScape Wiki account. Ive been reading the wiki for ages via my phone, just never got around to making an account.
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65 64 61 42 47 50 14 60 64 42 27 30 65 50 46 34 57 70 48 60 37 44 29 36 ---- 83/353 83 316/995

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As of 13 February 2010

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