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Dino 3227
known on runescape as
Number of pages edited
(on runescape wiki)1 (one wiki)7
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runescape attack style

Dino 3227 is a runescape wiki editor and owns one wiki started earler this year by the name of vampire wiki he currently needs help with something he is doing with his friendslist on runescape.

His runescape file[edit | edit source]

On runescape he is known as gatemaster37 and is trying to obtain the names of all JAGEX moderators for his friends list. If you can help him out with this post it on this page.

Equipment on runescape[edit | edit source]

His runescape identifying equipment piecies are

  1. Green cape
  2. (curently) Bronze Plate body and leggs
  3. Leather gloves&boots
  4. Iron full helmate
  5. Iron Kite Sheild
  6. Iron (or any F2P metal) Mace

Wiki editing styles[edit | edit source]

His wiki editing styles are (on this wiki) Third person and on the wiki he made First person.

Runescape Activities[edit | edit source]

He has completed the following quest on runescape.

He spent some time training in goblin vilage and got to level 25 easily. Right now he's trying to get all the names of the JAGEX Moderators accounts to add to hi friends lis and doing the Imp Catcher Quest and is waiting for a set of Wizard's robes to come in at the Grand Exchange to go with his Blue skirt as he allways supports any updates JAGEX does on runescape. His plans for the future of his Charactor on runescape are to give JAGEX abit of customer feedback. As for how it's going it needs work.

References[edit | edit source]

Dino 3227 himself

Dino3227's personal notebook