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I follow zamorak

I am level 80 and still play free... Kinda sad but i find things to do while im workin on gettin mem. I prefer to train skills rather than to do combat but combat is ok to. My highest stat is cooking at 87 and fishing at 72. i have around 4 mil coins and am constatly cooking raw swordfish goin for the 99. Kinda boring but i'll get there.Dieunoob 11 14:57, 2 August 2008 (UTC)

Currently i am preparing to create a clan while im still in a free world. this clan will focus solely on cooking and everyones love for culinary fun. that sounded pretty wierd but this will truly be fun. if u want to sign up u can join my clan chat in game username dieunoob11. your clan rank will depend on your cooking level. 1-20 will b recruit. 20-40 corporal. 40-50 sergeant. 50-60 lieutenant. 60-70 captain. and 70 plus will be general. once u advance to the next rank i will move you up. i just thought this would be a fun thing to do. see you!!!!

here is the name of the new clan website: