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In Real Life[edit | edit source]

I won't be telling you too much about who I am in real life because it is awkward. Anyway, here are some details about myself:

  • I am approximately: fun1.jpg years old. No calculators allowed in calculating. Wink (Clever idea Tien, thanks!)
  • I am originally from the Great Britain, but moved to the US when I was 13. As a result, my spelling and some mannerisms have become slightly Americanized...
  • I love football (not the American version), and my favorite team is Arsenal. Gunners Forever!
  • I enjoy maths and science in school.
  • I enjoy art, and am a fair artist, especially with drawing. Hopefully I can upload some pictures soon, if I don't get busted for it. I'll figure out some way....
  • I am a musician, playing piano and guitar.

And...yeah, that's about it! Thanks for reading!