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I am currently on a semi-permanent Wikibreak due to school and life getting hectic. Hope to be back soon!

Dawgpyrate10 Dies irae Azrail V[edit | edit source]

About this page[edit | edit source]

Welcome! Unfortunately, my page isn't nearly complete. (It will probably be indefinitely under construction, but it's fun to pretend that I know what I'm doing with it). I am still trying to work out the problems with the formatting so bear with me. Regarding the username, the phrase "Dies irae" is Latin. It means "Day of Wrath", which if you are fortunate you will never have to witness.

About Me and this Wiki!
I discovered this vast and absolutely wonderful Wiki awhile back. Five months later I decided I was being very selfish simply using the information I had found and not contributing any of my own. So, I created this account to add information as needed and to create this fancy userpage to describe myself and my player in excessive detail.

About Me[edit | edit source]

A little info about myself... I have been playing Runescape inconsistently for approximately 4 years. I have what may be defined as an inability to do activities for a long amount of time, so my skills tend to be less than impressive for my level. I play RS as Dawgpyrate10, but to confuse people my name on this Wikia is Dies irae. After the update, I now play as D1es 1rae. I've changed my name again, this time to Azrail V. I'll probably be keeping this one for awhile. I am always happy to talk/give advice/lend items if I am not too busy in-game. (That last bit about being busy is important; I am usually quite nice, but my needs come first! And yes, I am a self-centered bastard Wink)

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Coming attractions!

  • Progress charts for goals!
  • An all-around accessible, informative, and cool user page!

I was bored the other day, so I made a fun little userbox for those of us incompetent in HTML formatting. Details here.

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