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Attain maximum total level. (2,709/2,595)
Complete all quests (including their reworked versions).
Complete all miniquests.
Unlock all music tracks.
Complete all achievements.
Unlock all magic spells from Livid Farm. (5/11)
Unlock Bones to Peaches from the Mage Training Arena.
Unlock all spells from the Mage Arena.
Unlock the Tune Bane Ore spell during/after Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
Unlock Rapid Renewal.
Earn full Kudos in the Varrock Museum.
Attain 100% completion in all 5 of the Fremennik Sagas.
Score over 1,111 in a session of the Big Chinchompa.
Kill 4,000 Chompy Birds. (101/4,000)
Unlock all Eagle transport system routes.
Unlock everything available with co-op slayer points.
Unlock all permanent Soul Reaper rewards. (2/4)
Obtain Master White Knight rank.
Upgrade and obtain all Magic experience with the broomstick.
Achieve a score of 1,250+ in Conquest.
Unlock maximum access to Mobilising Armies rewards. (Rank 400+)
Unlock all Mobilising Armies scenarios.
Defeat all champions (excluding leprechaun). (1/15)
Complete all court cases.
Unlock everything available with Slayer reward points.
The abilities to get Nihil/Muspah/Aquanite/Glacor/Tormented demon tasks are togglable.¹
Complete 25 chimp ice deliveries.
Unlock all rewards from the Artisans Workshop.
  • Obtain 100 % respect thereafter. (48 %/100 %)
Complete the Dahmaroc statue in your player-owned house at least once.
Read the scrolls of life, cleansing, efficiency, dexterity, proficiency and Daemonheim.
Unlock the ability to gain a wild card upon entering a sinkhole.
Obtain the following titles:
  • Vyrelord/Vyrelady
  • the Charitable¹ (currently unavailable)
  • the Defeater
  • all five Kal'gerion titles
  • Final Boss
  • of Daemonheim (58/60)
  • the Naabe
  • the Real
  • Maxed
  • the Completionist
  • the Penance Slayer (1/4 roles)
Use a spirit cape on the completionist cape.
Complete all achievements and kill Sunfreet in Dominion Tower.
Make a Zaros symbol in Char's training cave.
Level all Temple Trekking followers to 99.
Kill the Cave Wolf Matriarch after Carnillean Rising.
Use all of Philipe's lamps. (400 QP lamp currently unavailable)
Claim XP from visiting all resource dungeons.
Teach Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger.
Find all Dungeoneering journals. (70/75)
Upgrade all classes of the ring of kinship to tier 10.¹ (3/12)
Add all items to the tool belt, including:
Add a primal hatchet and pickaxe to Dungeoneering tool belt.
Restore the fairy ring in Ancient Cavern.
Build all rope racks and hidey-holes.
Obtain Rutmir Arnhold's permission to use the robust glass machine.
Give Juna an ornate bowl to be used in Tears of Guthix.
Listen to Juna's three stories.
Finish all Combat Academy lessons at legend rank.
Unlock the Sacrifice, Devotion and Transfigure abilities.
Unlock the Blood/Shadow/Smoke Tendrils and Ice Asylum abilities.
Unlock all kennel customisation options.¹

N.B.: I have not checked whether this is obtainable after the holiday event.

Unlock all regions and islands of the Wushanko Isles.
Obtain 3,766 (maximum) port score¹:
  • Travel 6,000,000 (maximum) distance.
  • Complete all 63 story voyages.
  • Construct all 27 port upgrades
  • Unlock all 62 ship upgrades.
  • Retrieve all 92 forgotten scroll pieces.
Fill the player-owned house bookcase. While most books are added after completing
their respective quests, at least the following must be obtained via other means:

N.B.: While the list of books is of great help, it is most likely incomplete.

Unlock all three memories after Koschei's Troubles.
Reach the lowest possible teleport crystal recharge price.
Reach the lowest possible crystal seed recharge price. (1/4 bought)
Reach the highest possible gold accumulator price (60,000 tokens). (1/2 bought)
Unlock all codes in the fairy ring travel log.
Send TzHaar-Ga'al-Kot to the bookcase at the Fight Cauldron.
Give a davy kebbit hat, white tree fruit and lava eel to the beacon keepers.
Unlock the enhanced yaktwee stick.
Assemble a Tuska mask.
Survive the Shadow Realm in Barrows - Rise of the Six.
Play the Ashdale tutorial.
Upgrade the pig creation machine twice after Bringing Home the Bacon.
Claim the additional rewards after Missing, Presumed Death.
Claim all the bonus XP rewards after One of a Kind.
Claim bonus XP from a goblin cower shield.
Drink Mambo's potion.
Purify the Nexus and fully upgrade the charmed sack.
Complete all tasks of the God Emissaries.
Obtain all additional rewards after The Death of Chivalry.
Obtain all additional rewards after Fate of the Gods.
Unlock Vorago's hard mode. (0/5)
Claim rewards from Explorer Jack after completing all achievements.
Create one of each boon.
Empty Archmage Sedridor's essence chest after Rune Memories with 99 Runecrafting.
Unlock all titles, taunts and fissure boosts in the Crucible.
Gain experience from the lesser demon after Rune Memories.
Converted the White Knights' Castle altar to a Zaros altar.
Unlock the ability to toggle all Doomsayer's warnings.
Complete all Doric's and Boric's tasks after What's Mine is Yours.
Unlock all lodestones.
Attain Esteem rank 1 from training in the Runespan. (5/1)
Obtain hidden rewards after Song from the Depths.
Obtain hidden rewards after Diamond in the Rough.
Obtain additional Firemaking and Prayer experience after The World Wakes.
Acquire a champion's tackle box from Fish Flingers.
Obtain all experience from the Spirit Realm.
Find an elite clue scroll with Ava's alerter.
Present an unfinished astral rune to Baba Yaga after Glorious Memories.
Obtain all one-time rewards after Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift:
Engrave all Dororan's jewellery after Gunnar's Ground.
Find all jadinko combinations.
Unlock all Castle Wars reward capes. (1/5)
Unlock ability to create Trollheim tablets after Love Story.
Permanently unlock all bank preset slots.
Obtain all experience by studying walls in the Land of Snow dungeon.
Free Arrav after Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
Receive all experience from the goulash after Swept Away.
Gain the Agility experience reward after Do No Evil.
Unblock the shortcut tunnel in the Exiled Kalphite Hive.
Build the rope shortcut between the Agility Pyramid and Ullek.
Loot Movario's base.
Complete the Crucible tutorial.
Buy the royal dwarven gravestone
Obtain 5 ancient bones after The Restless Ghost.
Speak to Mami Rimba in order to be able to cut bloodwood trees.
Add all keys to the steel key ring (except enchanted key).¹
Activate the dragon forge.
Take 5 crates of supplies to the Ambush Commander after Death Plateau.
Sell the black prism and unlock Uglug Nar's shop after Zogre Flesh Eaters.
Feed omni- and elemental talismans to the wicked hood.
Empty Yelps's very own cash bag after The Mighty Fall.
Hand in 100 elder chronicles.
Obtain a tooth creature.
Obtain a cresbot
Obtain a Vitalis pet
Obtain all Araxyte pets.
Set a personal record for all bosses that record completion times (incl. hard modes).

¹ Not completionist content; can be lost or done multiple times.