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Quests which require a certain farming level to complete:

Quests which give out farming experience:

Start by doing A Fairy Tale Part I and the Goblin Generals section of Recipe for Disaster. They give you respectively 3,500 and 1,000 xp or 4,500 xp combined bringing your level to 20. You may now do Perils of Ice Mountain which gives you 500xp and Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf which gives you 5,000xp. You have now received an even 10,000xp bringing you to level 27 and allowing you to do the Garden of Tranquility and receive its 5,000xp to bring you to a sum total of 15,000xp and a farming level of 31. Congratulations, you are now on the high scores. Now you can do My Arm's Big Adventure and Enlightened Journey and get another respective 5,000 and 3,000 points to get to 23,000xp and level 35.

(With the release of the newest quest Spirit of Summer which requires a farming level of 26 and gives 2,000 plus 10,000 farming xp, reaching the level to do Rum Deal is now much easier however it does not invalidate any of the existing information.)

This is where the quick and easy advancement ends and the player must decide if and how they wish to continue raising their farming level. The next quest in the queue is Rum Deal which requires level 40 farming to play or 14,818 more experience points than what you received as rewards so far. There are two major methods to get to that level which can be combined anyway the player sees fit. One way is simply to train farming however since this article is about avoiding farming, we shall focus on the second method: rewards. Below is a list of quest rewards which you can use to advance farming.

This last lamp is of course not an option at level 35 since to complete the quest, you would need a Farming level of 49 as are the two lamps that require a skill level to be 50 or more. Other possibilities include using the lamps from the Suprise Exam and Genie random events, the 2 500xp lamps from the Stronghold of Player Safety or, if Farming is your lowest level skill, using Tears of Guthix. There are also two minigames which offer Farming experience as rewards: Sorceress's Garden and Vinesweeper.

For some, these possibilities may be an adequate and satisfactory method to raise their farming level while avoiding farming but for others this may be viewed as simply Morton's fork and will leave them frustrated or crestfallen. To those people, rest easy! If you wish to complete Rum Deal sooner rather than later, you just need to get to level 37 farming and during the quest, consume a Garden pie. That means that instead of the nearly 15,000xp, you just need a little over 5,000xp which in reality is even lower due to the farming experience you gained during the seven previous quests. With the 7,000xp gain of Rum Deal, you should now be at a minimum level of 39 farming.

The next quest to give out farming experience is Grim Tales but requires a farming level of 45 to complete. At most, this means you need to gain 27,000xp points. Again, you can get the points needed by regular training, doing the minigames or using the lamps from other quests however if you want to do this quest right after the completion of Rum Deal at level 39 farming, there is one and only one method to do so. Brown spicy stews can lower or raise farming by 6 levels or not change it at all if you put three spices in it but since it is random, you will need many stews and ciders or garden pies if the stew lowers your farming level. The 4,000xp from this quest would mean that at the absolute minimum, you would now have achieved level 40 farming.

By now, you have probably figured out your own prefered methods for raising your farming level and even if you finish now, you managed to raise it to a respectable level. As to the quests, there's still A Fairy Tale Part II which requires level 49 farming but completeing it doesn't give you any automatic farming experience unless you use the 2,500xp lamp. The only other quest that will give you farming xp is Back to my Roots which, if you complete at level 53, will give you 24,000xp, bringing your total level to either 54 of 55. Note that as of this writing, Back to my Roots is not a prerequisit for any other quest so unless you want to wear a questpoint cape or wish to take advantage of the quest's rewards, there is no need to do it.