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The skillcape I want!

Incredibly out of date :p

I play as AngelzFuryx. Thats all :)

(Out of date, ignore almost everything under this sentence)

Goals[edit | edit source]

The Great Orb Project - The fun minigame!
  • 1. Get 40+ For all my non-member stats
  • 2. Become a member!
  • 3. Get a total level of at least 1000
  • 4. When a member, get 30+ for all member stats
  • 5. Reach hiscores for every single stat
  • 6. Be able to afford full saradomin.
  • 7. Complete the random event clothing set
  • 8. Reach level 99 for one stat and get a skillcape
  • 9. Reach two level 99 stats and get a trimmed skillcape
  • 11. Make it to the runecrafting guild!
  • 12. Get full runecrafter robes
  • 13. Beat all the free quests!
  • 14. Finish the free-player achievement diary!
  • 15. Get Air Guitar
  • 16. Have Jagex put the SLIDE BACK ONTO RUNESCAPE!
Total level: 1276
Attack 67Constitution 1Mining 66
Strength 74Agility 36Smithing 51
Defence 65Herblore 35Fishing 63
Ranged 57Thieving 35Cooking 64
Prayer 52Crafting 50Firemaking 67
Magic 67Fletching 99Woodcutting 79
Runecrafting 56Slayer 36Farming 40
Construction 41Hunter 35Summoning 36
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 87Quests 99
Music 252Tasks ----RuneScore ----
Hover for XP and rank. Ranks for RuneScape.

Armour[edit | edit source]

Melee Armour

Ranged Armour [[File:Saradomin armour set (lg) equipped.png|thumb|152px|Part of my melee armour set.]]

Magic Armour

Part of my magic armour set.

My training spots[edit | edit source]

Skill Area Reason
AttackStrengthDefenceConstitution Combat Stronghold of Security 25k xp per hour.
Prayer Prayer After killing a monster I sometimes just buy bones and bury! alotta xp p'hour!
MagicRanged Magic/Ranged Edgeville Dungeon Die Hill Giants, die!
Mining Mining Al Kharid Mine Mine mine mine.
Smithing Smithing Varrock I use the anvil in Varrock to make iron or steel stuff
Woodcutting Woodcutting Draynor Village Willow trees are great exp!
Firemaking Firemaking Banks or after Woodcutting I like the Grand Exchange for fm best.
Crafting Crafting Crafting Guild Bowl making time!
Farming Farming Catherby I fletch while I wait.
Hunter Hunter South of Piscatoris Fishing Colony This is a good spot for catching Longtails!
Construction Construction Rimmington I use cabbage tele ! Its gooood ~
Fletching Fletching Grand Exchange Its a good place to see famous people and talk
Herblore Herblore Banks or from monster drops I sometimes buy the ingredients
Slayer Slayer Depends What my Slayer Master assigns me! (Never something hard)
Runecrafting Runecrafting Earth Altar Earth RC gloves are great!
Agility Agility Gnome Agility Course or sometimes the Agility Pyramid It's all I can do really, just click click click!
Thieving Thieving Ardougne Marketplace Free cakes and stuff =D
Summoning Summoning Taverly I use the charms I get from stuff...and tears of guthix
Fishing Fishing Lumbridge or Catherby Catherby when I was a member...
Cooking Cooking After fishing fish I cook my fish! Either Karamja or Lumbridge

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

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This user plays RuneScape
as AngelzFuryx.
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2007 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2007.
Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of 87.

Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.
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Heh... Not a good predicament here. This user fights in Clan Wars when bored.
White 2h sword.png This user's favourite region is Asgarnia.

Saradomin symbol.png This user follows Saradomin.
Strength through wisdom.