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Welcome[edit | edit source]

welcome on my How to make signatures. This article will explain how to make your own signature I will try to explain everything as good as possible. If you still have any questions feel free to add a comment on the talk page of this page

What are all those colours![edit | edit source]

the colours are used to make everything easier to read.

  • blue: Old tags
  • red: New tags
  • navy: Used tags in example
  • green: Example tags (extra information to make understanding some tags easier)

The start[edit | edit source]

introduction[edit | edit source]

Lets say, we want a signature with the following things:

  1. OrangeRed background
  2. Red border
  3. on the left Zamorak cape Zamorak cape.png
  4. on the right Unholy book Zamorak's Book of Chaos.png
  5. Name in Bold black

The birth of a new signature[edit | edit source]

We start with the following tag:


this tag is used to make the border and background

The background[edit | edit source]

We want a OrangeRed background

<span style="background:OrangeRed;"> Test </span>

As you can see i added style="background:OrangeRed;" between <span and >

This will look like the following:


The border[edit | edit source]

<span style="background:OrangeRed; border:3px red solid;"> Test </span>

This will look like the following


we added the tag border:3px red solid;

Making the border is pretty easy, all you have todo is add border between the double quotes (") and give it a width (3px) a color (red) and a style (solid)

If you want you could always change those settings. lets say we want

  • width: 2px
  • color: blue
  • style: groove

this will make the following tag: <span style="background:OrangeRed; border:2px blue groove;"> Test </span>

And looks like:


User link[edit | edit source]

We currently have:

<span style="background:OrangeRed; border:3px red solid;"> Test </span>

Its nice to have a link to your userpage in your signature, this is very easy.

All you have todo is replace "test" with [[user:yourname]] so it would be (taking myself as example) [[user:dh ranger2]] which makes: user:dh ranger2 but you dont like the color and you dont want that it says "user:dh ranger2" but i want Pwnz0rs ranger (Example!)

To accomplish this we do the following [[user:dh ranger2|Pwnz0rs ranger]] this looks a lot beter (Pwnz0rs ranger)

now onto the sig

Like i said replace test with [[username]] and your done:

Pwnz0rs ranger
<span style="background:OrangeRed; border:3px red solid;"> [[user:dh ranger2|Pwnz0rs ranger]] </span>

i dont like the purple color when you link (or blue when not yet clicked) So we have to add a color to the text

Pwnz0rs ranger