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Hey guys. My name's dfmaster8 on this wiki. My runescape account is Dj_k009. My current goals are Ranged cape, and Firemaking. I am currently lv 113 (104+9). I enjoy talking to a lot of friends and I am planning on making my own music videos and comedy videos using runescape really soon. I hope you guys will encourage me and help me make good videos. You can also tell me some of your suggestions. This includes songs, emotes for a certain part of a song, what to wear, and if I did a good job or not. If you do happen to tell me some of these things (excluding if I did a good job) and I'm interested, I'll let you be in the video too. Also, I'll post if I need a certain skillcape emote in video and don't have anyone that's willing to help me and you can be in a video that way. My private chat is always put on on. My Skillcapes that I currently have right now are Fletching, Cooking, and Magic. I love this wikia and I will contribute to it as much as I can. Happy gaming

Facts about me in real life:

  • My name's Chris
  • I live in the United States
  • I maintain a 3.0 Average in school
  • I listen to a bunch of different styles of rock
  • I no life the computer a lot
  • I have decent friends
  • And I love talking to people

My favorites:

Other facts:

  • 301 Quest points
  • Going for 99 Firemaking. Currently 76
  • Going for 85 Attack. Currently 80
  • Going for 85 Strength. Currently 82
  • Willing to include anyone in my videos as long as you're not goofing off when not supposed to, supportive to me and everyone else, and you're fun to work with.

Future goals:

Contact information:

  • Send me a message on Runescape. Username is Dj_K009
  • Send me a message on this Wiki
  • Send me a message on Youtube. Username is Dfmaster8

Dfmaster8 17:05, 9 April 2009 (UTC)