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I'm DevonS and I recently joined the Runescaoe Wikia.

Let's see, Where to begin...

I first started playing RS in 2002 (I think.) under the username Chaos Xdx. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, that account got banned. After an explanation, Jagex lifted the ban, but I couldn't recover my account because I hadn't set any recovery questions. A few years later, (2005-ish.) I started playing RS again. I tried a few accounts until I stuck with the name: Megadude X4.

I worship Saradomin, I've been training my cooking and magic levels, I'm not a member, I have 35K in my bank (as of November 28, 2007.), and, heh, I'm single. Let's see... what else is there?

I hate homosexuals and stupid people, my favorite color us bright green, Carmine red being a close second, I'm in the 11th grade, I hate Rap, Prayer takes too long to level up, and... that's about it.