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My in game name is m25tactical. I've been an on and off player for a very long time now. I feel that its about time i made a wiki profile to help fill in some blanks and edit things to be more convenient and more intuitive for newer players and other players who use the wiki like myself.

When I'm playing I don't consider myself a skiller or a fighter because I do just about everything in the game equally. What I will say is that when I play I'm all about efficiency. I am a cheap person to be honest and so when leveling skills I always look for a more cost efficient route. As such I will post some of my training methods and reasonings hopefully in due time in the form of a few guides to help some other players out with some new ideas for them.

Currently I'm combat level 190, total level 2343, and total xp of 171,842,754. I have 163/193 quests completed and my next big project is getting all skills to 90+.

Cya around the wiki and feel free to message me in game for tips!