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Biography[edit | edit source]

I don't remember my real name but people ussualy call me Des. I have been taken to warriors guild by a passing adventurer when I was 4... They trained me, showed me the path of the warrior. I have been educated at the school in Buthrope. I have worked for Prince Anlaf in armoury. I have trained my skills in the guild. And at my last day in warriors guild they send me to city of Lumbridge where I starded my way of adventurer. When they left me there they said that one day I'll return to them when the time comes. so i started to help other people. helping them, doing some tasks, ect.. and one day I have ventured to the city of Ardougne. I've felt a strange bond with that city. So I have started to ask people about a family that lived here 18 years ago. And I have found out that I was born here.

The Adventure Begins[edit | edit source]

Stay tuned for this!