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History[edit | edit source]

I was created about a year ago. I was stuck on Tutorial Island but I figured it out. On this account, I have at least 200k (200 000 coins/gp), but on my main,Garder121, I have at least 3m (3 000 000 coins/gp) or more.

My Videos[edit | edit source]

Original video

Original video

Original video

Original video

Sorry about the size. Please go here to see them in fullscreen and better quality.

Other characters[edit | edit source]

The pics[edit | edit source]

What you've all been waiting for.... the pics!

File:Winner - 2008 Summer Wikifest F2P Costume Contest.png|thumb|left|Garder status! [[File:Duel arena fight.png|thumb|right|21 ownage!!]]

Recent Master/Garder news[edit | edit source]

  • Garder's got full Zammy now!
  • Sent him bankrupt, from 2.9 mil to 800 gp. LOL.
  • Master's tryin to get 60 wcing. Just not working It is working for him her (back to him). (That's weird, I thought I was a guy. I need to rest.)
  • Hi-scores!!! I got on for : Firemaking, RCing.
  • Masterp443's a guy again! What a relief........
  • Garder's gone to the good old days of full guthix.
  • Garder's in the RCing guild.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Derilith" was supposed to be "Delrith", but I spelled it wrong.
  • The name "Garder121" was based off a company called CompuGuard, which held computers firmly to a table.
  • The name "Mr Me 3111" was from a song where they said "mr me 2". I wanted "Mr Me 3", but it was unavailable, so Jagex sugested Mr Me 3111, so I was stuck with that.
  • The name "Masterp443" was from the rapper, Master P. The "443" ryhmed, so I kept it.

This is the end of my userpage! Thank you, and happy editing. Remember, Be cool, stay in school, and don't be a vandal!