User:Derekthersplayer/Squeal of Fortune log

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Date Item Quantity Rarity Remark
10/7/2013 Medium XP lamp 1 Uncommon D
Small cash bag 1(6821 gp) Common
11/7/2013 Small cash bag 1(6582 gp) Common D
Camelot teleport 5 Common
12/7/2013 Mask of Mourning 1 Common D
Uncut diamond 1 Common
Small XP lamp(Cooking) 1 Common E
13/7/2013 Small XP lamp(Prayer) 1 Common D
Cannonball 30 Common
14/7/2013 Small XP lamp 1 Common D
Warlord gloves 1 Uncommon
15/7/2013 Gold ore 20 Common D
Small cash bag 1(6338 gp) Common