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If you know what that means, you just lost it!

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Zamorak armour.
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Strength through chaos.
Skills This user's highest skill is Cooking, with a level of 99.

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Deleo Mortis
Date Joined Runescape
Combat Level
72 + 3
Life Points
Attack Style
Max Hit
World 103 (Members) World 102 (F2P)
Deleo Mortis
Total level: 995
Attack 59Constitution 59Mining 47
Strength 60Agility 1Smithing 40
Defence 56Herblore 1Fishing 66
Ranged 23Thieving 37Cooking 99
Prayer 43Crafting 41Firemaking 66
Magic 60Fletching 43Woodcutting 65
Runecrafting 25Slayer 17Farming 7
Construction 31Hunter 1Summoning 25
Dungeoneering 22Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 75Quests 45
Music 248Tasks -RuneScore ----
As of 5 September 2011
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Currently in Runescape...[edit | edit source]

Although right now I have little time for Runescape, am Power Leveling my cooking skill to level 99, while inbetween spending time on woodcutting, fishing, and firemaking, and melee skills as well.

Goals[edit | edit source]

Cooking 100%
0 levels

• Summoning Level High Enough to Summon Spirit Terrorbird

• Two skills to 99

• Obtain Zamorak Kiteshield

Total Level 1,000

• All Skills Ranked on Hiscores

• Strength to level 60

• Merch 1 Mil

• Obtain Zamorak Platebody

• Obtain Zamorak Platelegs

• Obtain Zamorak Full Helm

• Combat Level 70

Money-Making Strategy[edit | edit source]

Currently, my character is worth about 4 mil. My method is simple, yet time consuming. First, I bought as many cowhides as possible, making sure I had enough money left to pay 1 gp each per cowhide to get it tanned. Then, I went to Al Kharid to get the hides tanned. I tanned them as soft leather , not hard leather , as the soft leather generally yields more profit. Then I sell the soft leather and repeat the process. This honestly got me a few mil, and is a great method for those starting off with little to nothing. The cowhides can also be obtained by killing cows, but this is generally a more time consuming method.

With cooking gauntlets from the Family Crest quest and 94 cooking, I now prefer to cook raw sharks and sell them for profit.