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This is my own personal list of things that fit my definition of either corrupt or a scam of any type. These are real life issues things that tick me off a lot. If you have any you want me to add, leave a message on my talk page and if it's verfiable, I will add it if it offends me.:)

COMPANIES THAT "RENEW" CHARGES WITHOUT PROPERLY INFORMING YOU. Properly informing you is the key to this one. Many things that one subscribes to off the internet have an automatic renewal option. But most also CLEARLY state this at the time of your purchase, so that you know right from the start that you need to cancel it to not be charged every month or year. Companies that hide this information in a ton of fine print are what I am talking about here.

  1. PCTOOLS - huge compay, many products, but if they were truly reputable they would not need to use this ridiculous method of hiding the renewal info. They do not offer an opt-out box to check. Very sad for such a well known company.

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