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Hi ^-^ and welcome to my wiki page,

I'm Dee and I believe the Runescape wikipedia has given me alot of knowledge about the game before I even started playing so I look forward to expand it and help the community with my best.

My most opened subject at Runescape is Farming. Although no one likes standing and watching your character everyday cutting one lame Yew tree in Falador and watching Snapdragons grow, I kind of find it fun. As much as my herbs grow, my money grows and experience as well my smile and fun.

Other than making money, I sometimes look forward to meeting friends and new ways to expand my game.

To-Dos[edit | edit source]

Before I took a break from Runescape I lost about 20m. Now I'm looking forward to building it back.
Get Bandos Tassets - Check
Get Bandos Chestplate - 13.8M
Get Whip (easy) - Able
Get Dragonfire Shield - 17M
75 Defence