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If you're here, welcome to my page! I haven't been around the Runescape Wiki much, I hang out at the Call of Duty wiki and edit there a fair bit more. Mainly because that's got alot more to fix up. I think this wiki is awesome, I can hardly find anything to do!

Anyway, about my RS character. My name's Cricket Beac, I'm level 80 f2p, not sure about p2p. I used to be a member, but I got bored with the game, now starting to get back into it. My highest skill is Woodcutting, it's 71. My friend status is on Private, if anyone gets that, so if you want to be friends give us a buzz on my talk page, and I'll get to know you, and if I like, I might add!

Thanks for reading!

Major Edits: (Things I like to think I've impacted on a bit more then just a full stop here or there.)[edit | edit source]

Members. I went through and fixed up alot of punctuation, adding in full stops, fixing gaps in commas etc.

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