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Total level: 2898 (3133)
Attack 120Constitution 121Mining 111
Strength 121Agility 105Smithing 103
Defence 106Herblore 120Fishing 111
Ranged 109Thieving 110Cooking 107
Prayer 105Crafting 103Firemaking 101
Magic 120Fletching 101Woodcutting 105
Runecrafting 103Slayer 122Farming 120
Construction 120Hunter 111Summoning 104
Dungeoneering 123Divination 105Invention 123
Archaeology 123Combat 138.35Quests 409
Music 1,255Tasks 1,605RuneScore 15,935
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Daily events[edit | edit source]

Most daily events reset every day at 00:00 UTC.

  1. ^ a b Boosts such as Experience-boosting set and Clan avatar add onto the base XP.
  2. ^ When player has equipped a Tirannwn quiver 4.