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About ME[edit | edit source]

Mgt Bathroom
Total level: 2050
Attack 81Constitution 89Mining 79
Strength 86Agility 78Smithing 79
Defence 83Herblore 73Fishing 75
Ranged 90Thieving 74Cooking 99
Prayer 82Crafting 79Firemaking 79
Magic 89Fletching 77Woodcutting 79
Runecrafting 80Slayer 76Farming 81
Construction 74Hunter 76Summoning 90
Dungeoneering 99Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 175Quests 293
Music 843Tasks 450RuneScore ----
As of 18 August 2022
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Right now, im crazy about the combat beta and just doing everything in Runescape. Looking for people to own on beta xD

BY the way.......... that is NOT my pic.... just some random pic b4 i upload a proper 1 lol. ;)

Adventurer's Log[edit | edit source]