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Introduction[edit | edit source]

current favorite weapon: Bandos godsword

I started playing runescape in July 2008 and have a number of other accounts created since my first one.

After over 4 years of me creating my runescape account, i know enough about the game to edit many pages now.

what is dragon metal made of? exactly.

Members[edit | edit source]

I got it back in october 2011 but its now expired. But now i think its just as good without it.

Intrests[edit | edit source]

an enormous interest in revenants!

I love to train at ape atoll temple due to the speedy XP.

I like exploring the wilderness on rare occasions.

I love visiting karamja or crandor to train.

im an exploring type!

My current passtime is chopping down Yew trees for xp and money. This has been fun since bot removal day :)

My combat level is (Thanks to combat evolution) well over 135. With a current total level of 1010+.

Favorite monsters[edit | edit source]

kril t,sutsaroth, corporeal beast and all revenants are my favorite monsters not to mention the jungle demon. The Queen Black Dragon really impressed me (it bought back memories of the Lao Shan Lung from Monster Hunter).

The revenant demon, One of my favorite monsters.