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Hello[edit | edit source]

Total level: 1140
Attack 75Constitution 1Mining 62
Strength 70Agility 46Smithing 55
Defence 70Herblore 22Fishing 66
Ranged 48Thieving 43Cooking 42
Prayer 41Crafting 52Firemaking 52
Magic 64Fletching 67Woodcutting 76
Runecrafting 28Slayer 31Farming 26
Construction 52Hunter 24Summoning 23
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 87/90Quests 133
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Sup, Im deadking980 my friends (in game) call me dead (or deadking)

you can call me that too.

I play Runescape almost daily.

Sometimes my sister says im 'addicted'

But i dont play that much (do I?????).

Whatever i just like to play runescape.

=D =) =0 <=) <=D =P

when did I start playing?[edit | edit source]

I started playing RS an few yers ago(i think 2005) when a lot of my friends where playing so they got me intrested and now I've been playing almost ever since.

dont give your acc away[edit | edit source]

I quit in 2007 because I had gotten bored so I gave my old account to one of my friends(not my best idea!) and he tried to buy coins from one of thoes noob websites =O and got scammed(dubble =O =O)!!! I didnt know about this a the time so at the end of 2007 a asked him for the acc back , but it got hijacked. I later created this acc and i now know not to do that again!

goals[edit | edit source]

Get a skill to 99

Get a bgs

Get all skills over 50

Finish all novice Quest (almost there, 1 quest left!)

Get attack to 75 for bgs