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Introduction[edit | edit source]

VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the Huntress: Hihi, Kate here. Runedate's 1976. 
VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the Huntress: Wiki pursuer, typo corrector, transcriber... 
VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the Huntress: Still learning the ropes of the Wiki... 
VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the Huntress: But looking forward to your guidance. 

VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the Huntress: Here are some basic info about me: 
VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the HuntressQuick chat button.png: My combat level is: 138. 
VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the Huntress: Bored, casual skiller here. 
VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the HuntressQuick chat button.png: I have 394 Quest Points. 
VIP badge.pngDeKaitlyn the Huntress: But for now... 
Athena Cykes the DistractedQuick chat button.png: Objection! 
Curious how this was done? Check out this custom template!

Attack-icon.png 94Rank: 241,774
XP: 8,600,691
Constitution-icon.png 99Rank: 217,881
XP: 14,954,457
Mining-icon.png 99Rank: 38,623
XP: 23,741,508
Strength-icon.png 94Rank: 271,695
XP: 8,400,363
Agility-icon.png 99Rank: 85,003
XP: 13,390,382
Smithing-icon.png 99Rank: 56,944
XP: 15,114,865
Defence-icon.png 99Rank: 205,783
XP: 13,133,590
Herblore-icon.png 99Rank: 119,889
XP: 13,541,355
Fishing-icon.png 99Rank: 16,461
XP: 54,148,311
Ranged-icon.png 99Rank: 201,221
XP: 13,106,364
Thieving-icon.png 99Rank: 34,303
XP: 30,242,729
Cooking-icon.png 99Rank: 87,610
XP: 14,600,274
Prayer-icon.png 99Rank: 96,247
XP: 14,038,118
Crafting-icon.png 99Rank: 51,935
XP: 15,566,343
Firemaking-icon.png 99Rank: 73,483
XP: 15,327,554
Magic-icon.png 93Rank: 292,935
XP: 7,612,206
Fletching-icon.png 99Rank: 101,503
XP: 13,502,849
Woodcutting-icon.png 99Rank: 51,475
XP: 17,428,847
Runecrafting-icon.png 99Rank: 67,408
XP: 13,693,309
Slayer-icon.png 99Rank: 144,551
XP: 13,194,675
Farming-icon.png 99Rank: 66,069
XP: 15,320,884
Construction-icon.png 99Rank: 71,065
XP: 13,809,346
Hunter-icon.png 99Rank: 45,793
XP: 15,449,422
Summoning-icon.png 99Rank: 54,003
XP: 14,653,610
Dungeoneering-icon.png 96Rank: 128,125
XP: 10,548,958
Divination-icon.png 99Rank: 53,979
XP: 14,816,690
Invention-icon.png 106Rank: 68,005
XP: 48,409,662
2,661Rank: 76,986
XP: 466,347,362

I sort of dislike this mechanic...

If a player who has lit the forge and a player who has not are in the same area they will not be able to see each other, so players wishing to light the forge will sacrifice seeing most players at Kuradal as most players do not light the forge. 
Re-kindling the Dragon Forge is a requirement of the master quest cape. 

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To a certain Runescape (War-chief) player who was called "sophie exoh", thank you for your help on 19th October 2015.