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Hi Im Dchibicolts I Play Runescape I am a ok player, level 108 combat, with 30 Millon Net Worth In my bank.

I Love Fishing, And my freinds ALL LOVE WOODCUTTING, so im thinking about maybe becoming a woodcutter but you never know.

You Can Add me If you want, you know.

99 firemaking is my biggest goal, I bought all the maples and im getting to 99

My Favorite Monster is the king black dragon(KBD)

So yeah

Attack-82 Strength-81 Defense-80 Range-80 Prayer-55 Magic-74 Runecrafting-52 Construction-74 Hitpoints-84 Agility-42 Herblore-32 Theiving-55 Crafting-56 Fletching-91-Thinking About Getting 99 Slayer-71 Hunter-63 Fishing-82 Cooking-82 Mining-65 Smithing-47 Firemaking-?-Rises Every Day I will make a big post when I get to 99 Woodcutting-72 Farming-44 Summoning-57

Total Level:1595 Quest Points:145 Combat:108

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