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Attack: 74Strength: 74Defence: 74Ranged: 67Prayer: 57Magic: 70Runecrafting: 56Construction: 55Agility: 65Herblore: 58Thieving: 73Crafting: 66Fletching: 61Slayer: 58Hunter: 59Mining: 71Smithing: 68Fishing: 78Cooking: 81Firemaking: 78Woodcutting: 83Farming: 65Summoning: 54280 quest pointsCombat: 98
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Ive been a runescape user since 01 of august, Ive been taking several breaks in between every now and then. for a while ive been focusing more on life on how to be a flash animator and a game designer.

ive studied some aspects about runescape, and though each an every object is almost similar to objects that I design in macromedia flash 8 professional.

Ways to profit[edit | edit source]

1: Battlestaff High Alching

Items you will need: -1k bucket of sand + 1k Seaweed -Any Air Staff -1k Essence -Alot of battlestaffs

Required skills: -66 Magic -66 crafting -Done Varrok Hard Diary

Recommended Items Varrok Armour 3( for buying the battlestaves)

Basically you need battlestaffs to be crafted into airbattlestaffs, so you can high alch them for the profit. I suggest using the items to convert and combine with each other the hard way.

2: Magic longbow High Alching

Items you will need -Knife or sacred clay knife -lots of money to start off with. -1k Magic logs -1k Flax -1k Nature runes or 1k Pure essence. -1 fire staff

Skills needed -85 Fletching -44 runecrafting -55 Magic

It would be easier to buy the logs on their own, however the flaxing part I still insist on collecting the other raw materials on your own and combine and convert them on your own, this method is one sure way to get to 99 fletching if done properly. Do to the suggestions against this method, the profit for high alching a magic longbow is more than buying a magic long, hence continuing the process of buying more magic logs, crafting them and then high alching them afterwards.

I suggest magic longbows because the high alching profit is more than the magic log itself, magic shortbows don't cut it. and not as much profit or experience as the longbow.

To start off buy the logs on your own, then somehow collect the Flax on your own(I would suggest sears village), then craft 1k runes, after fletching 1k magic longbows high alch them all. 1k Magic longbows give almost 200k exp.

A magic log costs 1395 coins to buy on the grand exchange, and high alching the Magic longbows give you 1536 coins. giving you a profit of 141 coins per high alch. By buying the logs themselves and collecting the other raw materials. if you were to buy flax along with the logs your profit margins would be reduced to 43 coins during the high alching process.

should you buy ALL the materials your profit would be reduced to negative. so yes the profit comes from the other effort of collect, combine and converting items.