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This is a list of symbol entities that can be used in HTML. Smiley.svg

General Symbols[edit | edit source]

Character Entity Notes
    no-break space = non-breaking space
" " quotation mark = APL quote
& & ampersand
< &lt; less-than sign
> &gt; greater-than sign
¡ &iexcl; inverted exclamation mark
¢ &cent; cent sign
£ &pound; pound sign
¤ &curren; currency sign
¥ &yen; yen sign = yuan sign
¦ &brvbar; broken bar = broken vertical bar
§ &sect; section sign
© &copy; copyright sign
« &laquo; left-pointing double angle quotation mark
» &raquo; right-pointing double angle quotation mark = right pointing guillemet
¬ &not; not sign
® &reg; registered sign = registered trade mark sign
¯ &macr; macron = spacing macron = overline = APL overbar
° &deg; degree sign
± &plusmn; plus-minus sign = plus-or-minus sign
¹ &sup1; superscript one = superscript digit one
² &sup2; superscript two = superscript digit two = squared
³ &sup3; superscript three = superscript digit three = cubed
µ &micro; micro sign
¼ &frac14; vulgar fraction one quarter = fraction one quarter
½ &frac12; vulgar fraction one half = fraction one half
¾ &frac34; vulgar fraction three quarters = fraction three quarters
¿ &iquest; inverted question mark = turned question mark
× &times; multiplication sign
÷ &divide; division sign
&dagger; dagger
&Dagger; double dagger
&permil; per mille sign
&euro; euro sign
&spades; black spade suit
&clubs; black club suit = shamrock
&hearts; black heart suit = valentine
&diams; black diamond suit

Mathematical and Greek[edit | edit source]

Character Entity Notes
ƒ &fnof; latin small f with hook = function
Α &Alpha; greek capital letter alpha
Β &Beta; greek capital letter beta
Γ &Gamma; greek capital letter gamma
Δ &Delta; greek capital letter delta
Ε &Epsilon; greek capital letter epsilon
Ζ &Zeta; greek capital letter zeta
Η &Eta; greek capital letter eta
Θ &Theta; greek capital letter theta
Ι &Iota; greek capital letter iota
Κ &Kappa; greek capital letter kappa
Λ &Lambda; greek capital letter lambda
Μ &Mu; greek capital letter mu
Ν &Nu; greek capital letter nu
Ξ &Xi; greek capital letter xi
Ο &Omicron; greek capital letter omicron
Π &Pi; greek capital letter pi
Ρ &Rho; greek capital letter rho
Σ &Sigma; greek capital letter sigma
Τ &Tau; greek capital letter tau
Υ &Upsilon; greek capital letter upsilon
Φ &Phi; greek capital letter phi
Χ &Chi; greek capital letter chi
Ψ &Psi; greek capital letter psi
Ω &Omega; greek capital letter omega
α &alpha; greek small letter alpha
β &beta; greek small letter beta
γ &gamma; greek small letter gamma
δ &delta; greek small letter delta
ε &epsilon; greek small letter epsilon
ζ &zeta; greek small letter zeta
η &eta; greek small letter eta
θ &theta; greek small letter theta
ι &iota; greek small letter iota
κ &kappa; greek small letter kappa
λ &lambda; greek small letter lambda
μ &mu; greek small letter mu
ν &nu; greek small letter nu
ξ &xi; greek small letter xi
ο &omicron; greek small letter omicron
π &pi; greek small letter pi
ρ &rho; greek small letter rho
ς &sigmaf; greek small letter final sigma
σ &sigma; greek small letter sigma
τ &tau; greek small letter tau
υ &upsilon; greek small letter upsilon
φ &phi; greek small letter phi
χ &chi; greek small letter chi
ψ &psi; greek small letter psi
ω &omega; greek small letter omega
ϑ &thetasym; greek small letter theta symbol
ϒ &upsih; greek upsilon with hook symbol
ϖ &piv; greek pi symbol
&bull; bullet = black small circle
&hellip; horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader
&prime; prime = minutes = feet
&Prime; double prime = seconds = inches
&oline; overline = spacing overscore
&frasl; fraction slash
&weierp; script capital P = power set = Weierstrass p
&image; blackletter capital I = imaginary part
&real; blackletter capital R = real part symbol
&trade; trade mark sign
&alefsym; alef symbol = first transfinite cardinal
&larr; leftwards arrow
&uarr; upwards arrow
&rarr; rightwards arrow
&darr; downwards arrow
&harr; left right arrow
&crarr; downwards arrow with corner leftwards = carriage return
&lArr; leftwards double arrow
&uArr; upwards double arrow
&rArr; rightwards double arrow
&dArr; downwards double arrow
&hArr; left right double arrow
&forall; for all
&part; partial differential
&exist; there exists
&empty; empty set = null set = diameter
&nabla; nabla = backward difference
&isin; element of
&notin; not an element of
&ni; contains as member
&prod; n-ary product = product sign
&sum; n-ary sumation
&minus; minus sign
&lowast; asterisk operator
&radic; square root = radical sign
&prop; proportional to
&infin; infinity
&ang; angle
&and; logical and = wedge
&or; logical or = vee
&cap; intersection = cap
&cup; union = cup
&int; integral
&there4; therefore
&sim; tilde operator = varies with = similar to
&cong; approximately equal to
&asymp; almost equal to = asymptotic to
&ne; not equal to
&equiv; identical to
&le; less-than or equal to
&ge; greater-than or equal to
&sub; subset of
&sup; superset of
&nsub; not a subset of
&sube; subset of or equal to
&supe; superset of or equal to
&oplus; circled plus = direct sum
&otimes; circled times = vector product
&perp; up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicular
&sdot; dot operator
&lceil; left ceiling = apl upstile
&rceil; right ceiling
&lfloor; left floor = apl downstile
&rfloor; right floor
&lang; left-pointing angle bracket = bra
&rang; right-pointing angle bracket = ket
&loz; lozenge