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Don't even try to compare me to any other girl. What defines me? I do. I can be happy without your judgments, negativity, and standards. I want so much more than what we are all living for. I write and feel straight from the heart, think outrageous and deeply, and live for all the right reasons. This world holds more capability and beauty than we're all willing to see these days. Open mind, free spirit, strong willed. I contain a mind of my own, and a heart too big for my chest. My expectations are far bigger than they seem, and my intentions are constantly tossed around. My explanations get misunderstood often, so i'll quit while i'm ahead. I live in a world closed off from the rest of you, keep your reality away from me. I'm more than your eyes will ever meet ♥  Rather it's clawing it's way through my mind, or beating inside of my body, I have insecurities that want released. I'm not a shelter to what has been brought upon, nor do i welcome insecure thoughts and feelings. I don't believe in your standards, i'll live my life by only what I believe in. Creativity is living in all good and evil. And my world comes off as my own fucked up wonderland that i reside in. You're more than welcome at your own risk by all means. I've found passion in capturing; words, beauty, ideas, moments. My life is a mess of all of them, an absolute mess. They spill from my lips and fingertips. I simply would rather live my life than sit at a desk and learn about it. I may not know every detail of the respiratory system but i still know how to breathe. And even breathing takes a close second to the circulatory system, my heart can pump blood, as well as compose love. I see my future through a lens. I’m perfectly content translucent. This is my life, & these are my dreams. I'm taking back what's mine, I won't let you control me. I'm finally being the person I was meant to be, I won't let you change me. I'll put up a fight & I'll stand strong. This is me, this is my life & these are my dreams. I won't let you stop me, I won't let you hurt me. I will reach the top. I will live the life meant for me, & I won't ever stop..